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  1. Default Cube in what order?

    Originally I was going to ask whether I should spend my nx on cubing or scrolling my crossbow but when I listed everything I needed to cube I realized that was way more important lol

    So, here's a list of everything I have to cube:

    3L rare:
    Ghost Ship Exorcist Badge

    3L epic:
    RA top (3% dex)
    RA bottoms
    RA helmet
    Beryl Heart
    Tyrant Belt (9% dex)
    Tempest Ring
    Pinnacle Ring
    Unleashed Ring

    3L unique:
    Tyrant Cape (9% dex)
    Silent Crusade Shoulder (9% dex)
    Fafnir Crossbow

    What would be the most efficient equips to cube first for the most boost?
    I'm thinking RA set -> ghost badge -> rings -> unique stuff and then cube for stats. I'm thinking of leaving the crossbow until I actually scroll it.

    With the miracle time(s) coming up and unique pots from attendance (should get 20/30+ scrolls) what do you guys think I should do? Focus on getting a few to legendary and cubing for stats and use the scrolls to get a few to unique? Get everything to legendary? Unique? Cube everything myself and use the scrolls for profit?

    I didn't realize how much I needed to cube ugh idk where I'm gonna get the money from

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    How are you intending to scroll the xbow? Farm coins and buy those +9atk 20%s with wards?
    And how far are you with the attendance at the moment?

    Anyway, here's what I would do:
    - RA set and rings, in any order really, they're all 3rd tier
    - badge
    - weapon (also scroll it at this point)
    - heart
    - tyrants and shoulder

    This assuming you're not going for legendary, then again, I'm biased thanks to my horrible experience with super cubes. If you don't, you're likely not aiming for much bigger of an improvement on 9%s or low tier equips than ~6%, even all together they're nothing compared to the xbow.
    If you are about to get those unique pots (gg if you manage to do on that many chars) & there are miracle times scheduled even after attendance has finished, you can wait and see how many scrolls you pass (that order ^ can do for unique pots aswell).
    If you decide to go for legendary, however, nothing of this stands and I never wrote this

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    You might want to do your crossbow while platinum cubes are around. You have the best chances of getting good potentials with those.

    Besides that, my order would be:

    Tyrant Belt
    Tyrant Cape
    RA helm (Extra adv bless line)
    RA top or bottom (only if you can switch to 3 set asap, top first for invincibility, bottom for hb)

    I would put the rest on the back burner for the time being, with all the new accessories KMS has just released.

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    I'd concentrate on getting the Tyrants/RA to Legendary Stats.

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    It doesn't really matter except that the heart gets the lowest priority since it is the lowest tier. Other than that, and amsuming you are using the equipment in its current state, start with the piece that provides the crappiest bonus. It is not like it matters if it is a Tyrant, RA or a random ring, the pot will be the same.
    I think accessories generally have less crappy lines though, so maybe start there if you are low on funds.

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    Default Re: Cube in what order?

    i'd give the tradeables the bigger priority, bring the root abyss gear up to tyrant speed, then probably the rings and badge, after that try bringing either the helmet to legend (For the AB line) or the tyrant gear to legend.

    as for the order... i might wait for a cube sale, but i don't know how "fast" you need the gear with root abyss back out again and stuff. unique pot scrolls (provided you have enough mules and haven't equipped the stuff) should save a lot of money.

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    If we get the 50% unique before any miracle time, use them to get all your equips to unique that aren't (if you had the nx you could use return scroll so you wont lose any if they fail). Then, if you have any extra you could try using them again to get better stats, or sell service. If you are able to get all your equips to unique, then i guess you should probably sure super cubes to get the rest to legendary? If your finishing your Xbow later, i would do: Tyrant (because its unlikely that there will be anything better for a long time), then RA Hat>Bottom>Top (for adv bless and HB if you ant, if not then it doesn't matter too much). Then Badge > Rings > Shoulder. If you really ant you could cube your heart, but it doesn't sound like you have the nx now, i would put it off for later because its a low tier and your other equips are more important. Just wondering, what are the stats on your shoulder? Wouldn't a tinker or empress be better (even w/o the set)?

    Your tyrants are 9%, so if you want you could put them off for a bit (same for shoulder). I would probably stop if you get over 18% and move on to the next equip. What % were you looking for?

    @ShinkuDragon; It shouldn't matter if he equips items, the 50% unique pot scrolls should be account tradable (i checked the in game event ui).

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    Default Re: Cube in what order?


    not to mention, a stroke of terrible terrible luck could happen, and he might have to have some friends unique his gear, should be cheaper than the cubes i'd say

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    I'd first like to point out I already have all of my decent skills (SI/CO/AB/HB) so everything I cube will be for straight %stat.

    I'll be scrolling it with 20%s and wards. Friends say it cost around ~400k total for 10 slots, while mine is +2 and I've already used ~100k. I figured my NX would be better spent cubing during the upcoming miracle time than trying to scroll the Fafnir since I am currently using a 202att VIP 30%boss 3%allstat 6%tot dmg and that's a perfectly good crossbow for now. This season's attendance is the incred pos chaos, which I am farming enough of to finish all of my RA gear (hammers and all). The next two-week season is the unique pot scrolls and I doubt that'll be done before the miracle time which is why I brought it up in the OP. I have TONS of level 15 Kaiser mules (60+?) on top of my other ~30 is characters and I'm debating on getting a bunch to 25 ish for pepe machines since that takes ~3min each. I might farm upwards of 40~50 unique pots depending on what my work schedule is.

    My end goal is everything legendary 18%+, but a nice start would be unique with 9% dex.

    I won't be equipping my Fafnir any time soon, so I'll end up waiting for the next round of platinum cubes for that.
    I completely forgot about the new accessories KMS released. In that case I might just cube unleashed/pinnacle to 9%+ (I'm using a 9% dex epic tempest ring atm) and wait for the new guys to go all out.

    Dunno why your post reminded me but I'm planning on selling the helmet I am currently using to fund some cubes, and was planning on using my clean decent AB/9%dex empress as a temporary helm while I finish my RA. I was thinking of focusing on getting my gear to legend during miracle times and getting one line of %dex and then waiting for a cube sale to go for two/three lines. I'm going to assume the DA miracle time will be before the attendance event. Should I hold off on cubing my epic stuff until a miracle time after the unique pot attendance? I'm thinking that's what I'll do since I have several unique items I could get to legendary.

    I won't be using guardians on my unique pot scrolls. Would rather use that NX on cubes since I only get NX through in game means. My shoulder is the OLD silent crusade one (12 att 15allstats? idr) and I won't be upgrading that for a long long time if ever, since it's already unique and I have so much more to cube. I'm looking for 18%+ per equip end game but for right now I want at least one useful line per equip.

    I should also point out my current goal : I want to hit 10m/line on physical strong bosses (with hypers and fully buffed) and solo/duo chaos RA bosses/v2 so I can continue to fund myself. I currently hit 3~4m/line with those buffs so I basically need to double my range. That's also why I was trying to scroll/cube my crossbow because I only have 77% boss without dojo gloves. I could cube the crossbow to 60%+ and then get 90% extra boss from the RA set/potential but then it'd be really difficult to scroll since pinnacles are difficult to obtain. Should I perhaps get as many pinnacles as I can on my Marksman and then just wait to guardian/ward/shield? I just thought of this and maybe it'd be my best damage boost.

    Anyways none of this even matters if I can't get nx Trying to sell my old overall/belt/helm (2.5b/4.2b/50k) so that'd be a total of ~130k. But apparently I'm the only bowman in Bellocan and no one is even offering let alone paying what I want :(

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    Oh i see. Well, if you have the time your kaiser idea is not bad, any class that has a rush attack will destroy attendance at the doll machines. I would still try to finish Ra set first, it looks like your tyrants are okay till you get Ra done, then ring/badge. I personally tried to get 9% per equip then moved on, mostly because i didnt want to buy too many cubes, i would rather perfectly scroll my Ra since the iCoGs expire and wards/shields are not often on sale.



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