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  1. Default Alien visitor pq

    EMS just got this today and Im really confused with this pq.

    At the end it gives us exp for how good we did, yet we were 4 people killing right as the spawn appeared and still couldnt get better than BASAS. What are they trying to do here? Punish servers that dont have kanna or?

    A friend of mine had stage 3 boss dropping him the belt but on the final boss he never steps out of his spaceship, (aka 2nd stage) leaving us with 0 drop chance on that boss.
    Will 2nd stage only appear if hes about to drop something? We need to kill him after a certain time in order to summon 2nd stage?

  2. Default Re: Alien visitor pq

    The PQ is not thought through. You can't get S rank on other than the boss stage.
    As for the drops, the last boss second form only spawn radomly and seldom, but the both the mid boss and the normal boss drop stuff. The special thing about the random form is that it is the only thing that drops the helmet.

  3. Default Re: Alien visitor pq

    Awesome, so I only have to clear the pq if I want the hat and after I got it I wont have to do that ever again (because seeing how I'd need a 2nd person to get to the final boss and the split the reward its not worth doing the last 2 stages)

    Thanks for reply, thread can be closed.

  4. Default Re: Alien visitor pq

    kanna does not work there as the maximum amount of spawns is already reached



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