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Thread: [GMS] GMS v139 - Demon Avenger

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    Technically, they changed all of the Normal Mode ones back to having Physical Resistance. The only one that doesn't have it is Von Bon because he didn't get changed back yet.

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    ALL root abyss bosses have physical resistance. Normal and chaos. Ranmaru would too but i haven't ever fought him to know for sure.

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    Ranmaru doesnt have physical resistance for either mode. It has been like that since release and is intended.
    Normal Von Bon is missing its phyiscal resistance as well and can still be binded unlike the other bosses. He also still does 1 damage and still gives regular experience that comes directly from his death instead of a reward in the chatbox. He still does the same things he did before this patch. All 3 of the other bosses were fixed to reflect what they were before unleashed.

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    Of course i didn't mean currently, i meant in their intended format.

    It's like oh...shadow cygnus is the only way to get shoulders. (implication being when she's fixed, not now)

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    Then what were you even arguing about?
    Edit: nevermind. i cant read.

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    Well I couldn't tell about RA because the people I usually go in one shot it anyway so it wont be some days till I duo it with my bro since he's away.

    But I cant help but wonder...before unleashed i was hitting 500k-560k on Hilla w/ asura. But 1.1m-1.3 on everything else. and about 150-200k PB and on everything else 300-400k .

    The Phys/Mg Resist isn't the part affected by def ignore right? Whats up with that^

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    Okay I went today and I don't have that much of a damage reduction w/ Asura. More like 900k-1.3 rather than 1.2-1.7 though would 30% boss account for the minimal change?

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    The only thing that reduces the damage lost from physical resistance is elemental resistance. DBs do not have this.

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    I've been told the same but given no explanation; how exactly does elemental resistance cause physical resist to affect your damage less?
    Is it like having say Ice elemental skills would cause you to do less damage against LHC mobs but up against something like Hilla since you have both ice and phys attributes to your skill it deals more damage than if it was one or the other alone?

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    It's just that ele res encompasses all resistances aside from w.def

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    It's not really Elemental Resistance (which is what most skills call the ability to receive less damage from element (really, just all magic) attacks), it's more ignoring elemental attributes, like Elemental Reset or whatever for mages. The reason it can increase damage on physical resistant bosses is because physical is, for all intensive purposes, another element.

    There are 7 characters which denote elemental attributes in monster data, F (Fire), I (Ice), L (Lightning), S (Poison), H (Holy), D (Dark), P (Physical), and 3 levels of elemental attributes, 1 (Immune), 2 (Resistant), 3 (Weak). Most bosses, well, most of the new ones, have elemental attributes that read like this: "elemAttr P2H2F2I2S2L2D2" (Physical Resistant, Holy Resistant, Fire Resistant, Ice Resistant, Poison Resistant, Lightning Resistant, Dark Resistant). If any of your attack are of any those elements, you'll do 50% less damage, and if they're not, you do normal damage. In a general sense, if any of your attacks are caught by any of the tagged elements, it then looks to the associated digit to determine your damage bonus or reduction.

    For example, Dark Oz has "elemAttr I3", meaning she's weak to Ice. If you attack her with an ice move, you'll do more damage, but she's not tagged with any of the other elements, so if you attack her with a fire move, or a physical move, etc, you'll do normal damage.

    The reason it's physical resistant is simply because it resists all attacks of the physical element (which is generally all skills that lack one of the other elements, pretty much all non-mage attacks, Paladins are kinda complicated right now, I think they ignore the charges' elemental attributes, but the skills themselves are still counted as physical), just like Ice resistant monsters resist all attacks of the Ice element, and so forth. And the reason why ignoring the elemental properties of attacks makes you do more damage with physical attacks on physical resistant monsters is the same reason it makes ice attacks do more damage on ice resistant monsters, because physical is also an element, and you're ignoring the fact that your attacks are of the physical element, at least partially, thus you do more damage because your skill is now less physical. If you can ignore 100% of your attack's element, then it's not caught at all by any of the elemental attributes categories, and you do normal damage.

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    Thanks. Makes perfect sense. My DA is gonna have a Field day with all that free Def ignore it has. then 30% from codex, and like 60%+ form wep and sheild combined....wewt 3 man CRA ftw :o

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    So I just did a few rounds of the Evolving System today and noticed that Whip Blades are still the heavy dropper atm, I would've thought that they'd switch them for Desperados now that Demon Avenger's the newest class, but I guess not.

    Did they even bother adding Desperados to Evolving System's drops? I only went in w/ Mage armor cores, I'll get to training my DA eventually~

    EDIT: Okay, so someone just dropped a Necro Desperado in the Evolving System map, I'm gonna take that to mean that they drop inside lol

    EDIT2: Tried a Necro Weapon core and eventually found my own Necro Desperado. So that's good, at least they're drop in-game in some way.
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    Hilla drops em too, a few have dropped on runs from people in the my ally

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    Oh? Coolio =o Good to know!



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