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Thread: Runaway bride

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    If only everyone had this logic of thinking.

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    She was impressively coherent. In fact, she reminds me a lot of my half sister (who is half Turkish) and almost the same age.

    I know that it's very common for the women to marry older men there for financial reasons, but this is inexcusable. Marrying an 11 year old is inexcusable and criminal. Thank goodness her uncle was willing to protect her.

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    She's such a fierce little girl<3 I love her so much. They way she speaks Arabic(love that accent) is so fierce. She's really courageous for what she did. The words she uses in Arabic I don't even know how to use. She should go to Lebanon.

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    Her outlook on life is understandably grim...that kind of talk coming from an 11 year old makes me sadder than anything.

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    Child brides are real in certain countries, but I believe there was some serious doubt considering the authenticity of the video. Because of the source being MEMRI:
    Not taking sides here. The fact still is that stuff like this really happens and it sickens me.

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    Possible, but even if they are mistranslating, the message is clearly that SOMETHING is wrong, based on tone and expression.



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