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    Basically I think whatever problems my laptop has has to do with how it holds a wireless connection.

    I've tried googling and whatnot but my question is:
    How does wireless "work" in a laptop? I like to pretend I know what I'm doing but I really have no clue.
    Is there like a wireless card and drivers and whatever? How would I go about troubleshooting them?

    And here's the problem just in case anyone has an immediate solution:
    My wireless connection doesn't drop (still shows all bars/connected) but I lose internet access. Web pages don't load, maple freezes, etc. it happens sporadically without warning (it's happened before when I leave my laptop on overnight uploading to YouTube).
    I also think other lag issues have to do with this same issue. I believe it's my wireless card because when I disconnect/reconnect to the signal it's fine for a minute or two before I start lagging again/lose internet. I've tried hard wiring it but I still experience some lag, but I have yet to lose internet entirely that way

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes, there is a wireless card. Check to see if your laptop's getting too hot/suffering from too much load in task manager, that usually slowed my internet down before.

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    ~20% CPU
    ~18% memory
    ~3% Disk
    0% Network

    (whatever that means)

    Might have to do with overheating. I'll find some way to keep it cooler and see if it helps.

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    On my laptop a process was running up my CPU usage, which caused heat problems that in turn slowed my internet down.

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    If you remember, a few weeks ago I was dc'ing all the time (even when afking in kerning Q_Q) as well. It was apparently just me since the other two laptops in my households had constant internet access. I don't remember exactly what I did, but if you right click the wireless bars on your taskbar you should be able to troubleshoot. I was playing around with it for a few minutes and eventually stopped dc'ing.

    Good luck! :(

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    More information:

    Under "Network Adapters" in Device Manager I have
    Killer Wireless-N 1103 Network Adapter (2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz adapter or something which is what our router is)
    Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter (google searches suggested disabling this so I am seeing what it's like now)
    Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller (google just confused me as to what this is even more)

    I have task manager open and I'll be watching for any spikes.

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    Ah, i have the same problem. Even when I lose the connection to the internet or my network, it take awhile for my computer to figure it out and update, or sometimes the connection is so slow/low it can not load anything fully. Usually just using the trouble shooting > internet connection, resets it. So its slow even if you plug it directly into an ethernet cable? Have you tried closing everything, clueaning up your computer, deleting temp files, doing some virus scans and other stuff? check if there are any update for software you may be using? Im really no tech wiz so i have no idea...

    Surprisingly my laptop runs fine after dropping it three time (lost my W and E keys though...) My computer runs hot (because i dropped it and the fan kinda broke) hot enough to melt some of the tape holding it together...

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    I've tried all of that stuff and it hasn't fixed it. Although since I disabled the debug thing it's been significantly better but it's not perfect.

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    Have you connected to other networks and had issues?

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    I've had both issues before on other networks but it's always been the worst on my home network.

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    To answer what this is very simply, this is your driver for Wired Internet (via Ethernet cable).

    You sound like you're having an issue which I have experienced many times in the past from wireless connections. Wireless just isn't as stable as a wired connection.

    From my personal experience this loss of internet connectivity does not only affect one laptop, but all devices connected to the router. Generally speaking this was a router issue. The router believed it still had internet connection when it was in-fact not properly transmitting wireless internet. Wired internet was never effected. When I switched to a new router, the problem seemed to go away.

    The first instances of wireless issues occurred when I was on a 802.11b Wireless connection. I had to use a wired connection for this router or my games would disconnect at random times. When I switched to a newer router which was 802.11g, this problem went away. I assumed that the protocol was the issue (802.11b just isn't fast enough for gaming). Most routers are nowadays are at least 802.11g which is sufficient for wireless gaming. Newer routers are 802.11n which surpasses what is required for gaming; however due to signal degradation it is better to have a 802.11n router versus an 802.11g router especially when you are far from your router.

    What I've taken this to mean is that one of the wireless components is breaking; this could either be your laptop's wireless card (the sole way your laptop gets internet wirelessly) or your router. Check if this issue occurs on all wireless devices.
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    Disabling the Debug thing worked wonders. I hardly lag/lose connection now.



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