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    Default AXA's insurances and the worst TV spot ever.

    Everything is in spanish but I'll try to translate as most of it.
    First of all there's this:

    There's a new law that if you're a driver and you have an accident whether it's a cyclist or a civilian on the street you are OBLIGED to pay the hospital if there are any injuries involved. In my opinion this is really great, this should make every single driver more responsible and respect both cyclist and pedestrians on the streets.
    Now that TV spot offer and insurance that discharg you from any responsibility if you have these kinds of accidents. Sure it sounds great on paper but what does this implies?
    Knowing the mexican culture, and how explosive we can be this also promotes:
    - Violence towards to non-drivers
    - Discrimination
    - Dangerous attitudes from drivers towards cyclist.
    - More accidents overall.

    Good thing is (and thanks to the social websites such as Facebook/twitter), all this campaign advertising has been taken down as stated in their twitter:

    Even though the campaign is down, that doesn't mean this insurance is disable.
    Right now several social activist are looking forward to the gobernment to secure this insurance doesn't make it to the market.

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    Default Re: AXA's insurances and the worst TV spot ever.

    I would not worry too much.

    I don't know anything about Mexican culture, but I do know insurance companies. They all hate paying out. I am certain that the terms of this policy are such that the insurance company will not pay if you are found to have been breaking the traffic laws or otherwise not exercising reasonable precautions.
    Also, whatever the Police do today to drivers who hurt other people on the road, will still continue. The new law and the insurance have no bearing on that, do they?

  3. Default Re: AXA's insurances and the worst TV spot ever.

    My friends and I were talking about this yesterday. We liked the ad and campaign and are upset that it was taken down. It was nicely made. Most people are too goddamn sensitive.

    Also, why the pineapple is the cyclist cruising in the middle of street?



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