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  1. Default Need catching up on the game.

    Hi there. I took a break from MS about 2 months ago, the last patch I played on was the hayato patch. I looked through the patch notes for the various patches we got, so I understand that they put new stuff in, but I don't necessarily understand what they do. I also have some general questions.

    1. What is monster life? I read the patch notes but it just sounds like farmville or something. How do I do it, and what is the point of it?
    2. Is the new bits system worth investing in? So far the only pieces I've been able to get (from the event) were temporary and gave poor stats.
    3. Where do people train now? I had a decent grasp on good training spots from 1-120, but now im completely lost due to the experience changes. What spots got changed/nerfed, what spots are now really good, and why is there nobody at LHC? seriously I went there saturday evening and only found hackers and their friends.

    I'll update the OP if I can think of any more. Still trying to re-learn everything since coming back. Thanks in advance.

  2. Default Re: Need catching up on the game.

    1. Monster Life is basically Farmville, but with monsters instead of animals. Your monsters can have a set potential but they expire (30 days?).
    2. If the bit system continues like it did in KMS, then all we'll get is temporary bits with bad stats. Not something worth investing in.
    3. LHC is no longer a party-play zone, so it's a ghost town.

    100-160ish - Evolving World
    140+ - Dimension Invasion PQ (but you can solo)
    I hear that MP3 is pretty good for 140-150, since Malaysia/Singapore was revamped.
    And then the usual 165/170+ - SH/HoH

    There's also a new area, Future Perion, which is good training for 190+, but I think it's only the Ancient Golems. I could be wrong, though.

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    Monster Life = a break from grinding. The potentials expire after 30 days as mentioned, but the benefits aren't that significant unless you want to invest (read: grind) time to get the potentials you want, along with levelling.

    Forget the Bits.

    I'll add on a couple of stuff for levelling.

    120++: Normal Hilla. At the 12X level range, she gives a TON of EXP. Rapidly less significant as you level because of EXP scaling and stuff.
    125-135: Neo City. The quests reset on logout so it's 500k each time or so... The bosses aren't hard at all and are about 100-300k exp each. Don't fight Oberon because of DR. People also tend to forget about the Chaos Scrolls available here (up to 3 normal Chaoses and 1 Miraculous Chaos)
    140-190: Dimensional Invasion. The level cap for the monsters inside is 180. The gloves are pretty for unfunded people. If you can kill Blackheart (watch out for DR!) by completing a Dimensional run under 10 minutes, then the box gives better gloves and even Nova/Helisium (?) EQ. 10 runs a day, and each run you kill ALOT of mobs, none of which count towards any event quests.
    135-150: Dark/Green Cornians, especially the hidden maps. If you're a Lumi, that place is a godsend (after you've exhausted your Evolving World counts).

    Singapore/Ulu City: They've buffed the movement speed of all monsters in Ulu City to... 40 or 50 I think. Krexel is almost a must-kill each day because the daily quest (after the series of pre-quests) gives 7.5m meso. Krexel himself is a boring fight, and if you're a mage you'll be annoyed to know that its SuperMDEF is 3 times as long as its SuperWDEF. On the bright side, Krexel gives 22M EXP in total (11m per body), but watch the EXP scaling to level. The monsters in Singapore/Ulu reach up to 16X so it's pretty good. MP3 is now awesome for levelling at the 14X-15X. But it costs 300k to go to SG/MY...

    LHC is no longer a Party Play area, and they've become a crappy spawn map (despite a high max-mob limit, it spawns only 4-5 each time). It's still a pain to collect all the drops for the quest but its easier now since the mobs are now normal mobs. Ani is worth killing for the scrolls and the free potions; it's basically a punchbag with ok EXP.

    The Fantasy Theme Park off Ludibrium is... not much. Don't bother.

    PQs: all PQs in the Spiegelmann rooms have their daily PQ limit lifted. Goes without saying that DRPQ is still limited to 10 times a day.

    Also they closed Monster Park Extreme...

    Make sure you check the Inner Abilities and the circulator stuff. Azwan shop now stocks everything - no randomisation. If there is a purchase limit, do any Azwan run (successfully) and the purchase limit will be reset. This is yet another poor man's way to make money - each run should clock you up to 100k meso. The coin bonus time period is still on though, so I heard.

    Tangyoon PQ for 3rd job is excellent for the EQ stats.

    Basically Evolving World (5 runs) + Dimensional Invasion (10 runs) + Hilla (2 runs) + Krexel (2 runs) + DRPQ (10 runs) will take you 6-7 hours already. Should be enough for most people in a day.




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