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  1. Default Future perion golem map

    So since EMS officially is getting this on wednesday I want to prepare a few things for lvl 200+ grinding.

    1. Is there a safe spot for mules? (rope, platform?)
    2. What level do you need to enter this map?
    3. On Avg how much dmg would these guys do? (mainly asking because my phantom mule have very low hp)

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    Default Re: Future perion golem map

    1. On the very last map, the safe spot is in the very upper left hand corner. It is tiny.
    2. 190+ I believe
    3. A ton. (I'll let someone else be specific)

  3. Default Re: Future perion golem map

    1)There's safe spot on the middle platform above the rope at very edge on left side of the map. The map is relatively huge, and the golems have a large hit range. There are also safe spots on the very top of the map, but you need grapple, flying mount, big distance teleport/pod, etc to reach it.
    2)You need to be at least Lv190 to enter future perion.
    3)On my Merc with water shield absorbing 40% of the damage, I get hit for around 4k-8k. I think that 8k is from when they use their att buff.

  4. Default Re: Future perion golem map

    buffed on my ds(cap weapon def and half magic def) , they do almost 4k damage. they hit hard.

  5. Default Re: Future perion golem map

    3.- My NL 200 when it's hit, the damage is like 10k-14k .-. (I only have 16k hp)

  6. Default Re: Future perion golem map

    Looks like I got some grinding to do for my phantom/bishop buff mules. Not gonna enjoy this at all, seeing how they have no link mules and close to no funding
    At least my bishop is lvl 181 already.

    Thanks for replies.



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