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Thread: [Movies] Catching Fire

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    Default Catching Fire

    An actually decent official trailer has been released. (I recommend not watching this trailer if you haven't read the book)

    EDIT: lol, never mind. wow. What's the point of removing a TRAILER due to copyright? that seems a bit silly. You can watch the trailer here

    Surprised they've shown so much of the plot in the trailer, considering that the /* Quarter Quell */ wasn't mentioned at all in the others and could have been a surprise for those who haven't read the books. (IMO, it would have been a good twist)

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    Wow, I totally agree. When I read the books, that was a huge plot twist for me. I wonder why they would make it so blatantly obvious in the trailer.

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    Yeah...spoiler alert definitely for those who haven't read the book...

    /* I wonder if they will show Avoxes in this movie, seeing as there is a part where they become important. */

    Love Katniss' outfit though!

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    *drools* First time I saw a trailer I wanted to see it but now I want to see it bad, freaking november why you have to be so far away.



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