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  1. Default Recent patching issues

    Well, recently since the Unleashed patch came, I've been having issues with patching the game when new updates come.
    Starting the patcher is easy enough, but once it reaches a certain file (like, creating:mob.wz or sound.wz), it freezes, for several seconds, and then brings up an error, saying an error happened, to try again, and if it fails again, to redownload the game.
    All second attempts failed. This usually forces me to redownload maplestory in the newest version (Which, isn't a problem usually. If they didn't update the downloader, I just replace the version numbers shown in the download link with the latest version number, which lets it download fine.)
    The issue I have here is that it is time consuming. Redownloading usually ends up taking about an hour for all 4 files total to download, then 20 mins to install.
    I wanna know if there's a way to stop these patching errors from happening so I don't have to constantly redownload, reinstall, and re-defrag my comp afterwards.

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    Since Unleashed I found file Map.wz took a massive amount of time to update, maybe try using Fiel's NXPatcher can fix your problem.



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