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Thread: Surprise 2x exp

  1. Water
    IGN: Dragon4meII
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 211
    Job: Kaiser
    Guild: Contagious
    Alliance: PityDaFool

    Default Surprise 2x exp

    Anyone have any information on the surprise 2x exp we are getting right now?

  2. Default Re: Surprise 2x exp

    Yeah, some friends were talking about it, i checked the site, no notice, but I am getting 2x... also made some mesos selling 2x cards to friends

  3. Default Re: Surprise 2x exp

    I got the Ruby Coupon and amazed that it gave me 2x exp instead of 1.5x exp as it said, wondering it's a good bug haha

  4. Default Re: Surprise 2x exp

    Ruby Coupon doesn't stack with event. You were receiving 2x exp from the event, not the coupon (under the assumption you had the coupon in your inventory in concurrence with the surprise exp event).

    Well I'll be damned. Nexon and their misleading descriptions...

  5. Default Re: Surprise 2x exp

    It does, actually. I usually don't care enough to train but I was bored enough to kill an hour so I decided to buy the 1 NX 1.5x coupon and it was stacking with 2x.

  6. Water
    IGN: DrkLilith
    Server: GAZED
    Level: 210
    Job: DarkCryokinesis
    Guild: TheAura
    Alliance: Aura
    Farm: FIareon (dead)

    Default Re: Surprise 2x exp

    2x gave me reason to try out the warrior grounds for once. I felt like I was in lhc but it was a party of 2 people.

    Had enough time to level the last lv2 link skill mule I had atm too. :b

  7. Default Re: Surprise 2x exp

    Wow I got a warning for 'trolling' in this thread...goddamn fascists. Grow a thicker skin little whiners, sheesh.



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