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  1. Default Zero's Storyline

    I'll be uploading slowly each chapter of Zero's quests. So far I have uploaded Chapter 1 Part 4 and 5 and Chapter 2 Part 1. Already recorded up to Chapter 3. Unfortunately I did not manage to record Chapter 1 part 1 to 3, I will get back to it if I have the time.

    I'll post the videos here once I have them uploaded~

    Chapter 1.4

    Chapter 1.5

    Chapter 2.1

    EDIT: Complete playlist -
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  2. Default Re: Zero's Storyline

    you're doing god's work, son. im watching them now

  3. Default Re: Zero's Storyline

    Thanks. Was kinda demotivated because not many people seem to be watching them...

    Anyway, here's part 2,3,4 of Chapter 2:

    Chapter 2 Part 2

    Chapter 2 Part 3

    Chapter 2 Part 4

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    I guess that's partly because storylines aren't very "interesting" if you can't understand them. All the dialogues are in Korean, and your videos offer nothing but a short gameplay footage and a short briefing of the mission in English.

    That's not saying they aren't good though. There aren't many Zero videos. I do watch them and find them pretty interesting.

  5. Default Re: Zero's Storyline

    Update, Chapter 2 Part 5 and Chapter 3 Part 1 uploaded~

    Chapter 2 Part 5:


    Chapter 3 Part 1:


  6. Default Re: Zero's Storyline


    Chapter 3 Part 2:


    Chapter 3 Part 3:


    Fixed Chapter 3 Part 3.
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  7. Default Re: Zero's Storyline

    Uploaded till Chapter 4 Part 3.

    Chapter 4 Part 1:

    Chapter 4 Part 2:


    Chapter 4 Part 3:

    Since I can only post 3 videos, you have to visit my channel to see Chapter 3 Part 4 and 5.

    Also, I did a mini translation for when Zero meets Milo, the shadow knight in mulung. It might not be accurate and took awhile, but at least there's a rough idea for it.

    You ... Milo
    Nine! You are also here!

    Release them!
    Oh, do not misunderstand! I catch them not to intimidate you! I just want to... try to talk to you.

    What are you talking about? What did you say.

    I'm just ... I still do not know. But why have you betrayed what was betrayal ... in the upper haejuji without any explanation...

    Also the fact that there are a lot of other complaints. Because of the strong pomegranate everybody knows. Think bigger, chasing you in vain.

  8. Default Re: Zero's Storyline

    Are you planning to upload more videos? If not, can you upload a video featuring the Bellflower Boss and Boulder Muncher Boss (the one that looks like a king)?

  9. Default Re: Zero's Storyline

    Hmm yes I will be uploading more. It just takes awhile for me to do so, sorry about that. The final chapter in Mu Lung will feature the Bellflower boss. One of the chapters in Edelstein should have the boulder muncher boss.

  10. Default Re: Zero's Storyline

    Update. Chapter 4 Part 4 and Part 5.

    Part 4:

    Part 5:

    Youtube destroying my videos by making them become pixelated
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  11. Default Re: Zero's Storyline

    Thank you. I've been trying to find a video of the Bellflower Boss ever since Zero was released in Tespia.

  12. Default Re: Zero's Storyline

    I'll upload the video of the boulder muncher boss soon. And I just realised I embedded the wrong video. Have since corrected it.

  13. Default Re: Zero's Storyline

    By Boulder Muncher Boss I mean this guy: Is it later in the storyline?

  14. Default Re: Zero's Storyline

    Oh you mean that? I thought you were talking about . Unfortunately he isn't one of the required bosses to be killed for the storyline. But I'll go back to that area to record the boss for you.

    Also, just uploaded Chapter 5 Part 1 to 3

    Part 1:

    Part 2

    Part 3

  15. Default Re: Zero's Storyline

    Alright, thanks. I appreciate it.

  16. Default Re: Zero's Storyline

    Sorry for the delay. Here's Chapter 5 Part 4,5 and Chapter 6 Part 1. Actually uploaded some of these last week. Will be continuing to upload the rest of the story

    Chapter 5 Part 4

    Chapter 5 Part 5


    Chapter 6 Part 1


    Here @PirateIzzy

    Not sure if this is clear enough. Let me know if it isn't.

  17. Default Re: Zero's Storyline

    It's good, could be better, but I blame that Monster Life Pepe for that. I don't want to feel like I'm ordering you around or anything, I'm sorry if I'm giving that impression.

  18. Default Re: Zero's Storyline

    Ah no you're not. I'll try to capture another one and kill it slower.

  19. Default Re: Zero's Storyline


    Chapter 6 Part 2:


    Chapter 6 Part 3:

    Chapter 6 Part 4

  20. Default Re: Zero's Storyline


    Chapter 6 Part 5:

    Chapter 7 Part 1:

    Chapter 7 Part 2:



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