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Thread: Lulu Carry

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    So did she put it down or is it just next to her?


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    I don't know, you ask me. Hell, Caitlyn might be the cupcake.

    Hmm... I'm not sure if I should get the Bittersweet Lulu skin... can't decide if I want to transform people into squirrels or cupcakes.

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    That cupcake looks familiar!

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    I like the kitty Lulu personally. I think we can all agree Dragon Tamer is the worst.

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    I think I'll wait and see, but Bittersweet is rare to see, that's what I like. Also, it looks evil and makes cupcakes.

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    Oh no you didn't. Dragon Trainer is the best Lulu skin ever you should fall to your knees in reverence you heathen.

    Bittersweet Lulu is great for the creepy splash factor, personally though it's my least favorite of her skins but that's not saying much since I love them all. :>



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