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  1. Default Increasing my DS's Damage

    Hey all~ *hope this is the right section*

    I recently came back to maple in May after like a 4 year hiatus. My old account got stuck in verfication limbo [changed emails with no access to old email...] so while Nexon is doing something about that, I started a Demon Slayer.

    I fell in love with the class [I've always loved warriors, so having a fast paced wide AOE mobbing warrior was lovely], and it was my first character to ever reach 200. Now I plan to main it for good.

    I have minimal funding, and even less nx. I've always been decent at merchanting, but it will still take time to get the mesos to buy nx off people.

    Guess this is where I list everything, and then ask you guys where I go from there =3

    Range Unbuffed: 53~58k [need to check again]
    Range Fully Buffed [without echo]: 83k~90k [need to check again]

    Weapon: 185 attack empress 1h bw. Unique: 30% boss damage, 8% critical, 15% def ignore, 18% def ignore neb
    Glove, Shoe, Helm: All Empress, poorly scrolled, no good potential [only good thing is the helm which gained 3 attack and 4 str from a chaos scroll]
    Empress Shoulder: Clean, no good pot
    Empress Cape: Clean, 3% str on one line, other 2 lines are crap
    Top: Unique 3 line, 6% all stat on one line, nothing good on the other 2 lines
    Bottom: 3% str

    Badge: Failed scroll, plan to innocence. 3 lined rare, no good potential
    Demon Slayer Shield: 3 line rare, no good potential

    Necklace and Earring: Alien Fragment, no good potential
    Belt: 6% str tempest belt
    Rings: Alien Fragment Ring, Demon Slayer Ring, Angelic Blessing Ring, 6% str tempest ring

    PDR sources:
    30% leafre codex
    30% / 50% from demon impact and cerebes
    30% from binding darkness passive
    3% from card set
    18% from def ignore neb
    15% from empress wep potential

    Boss Damage Sources:
    30% from 6 set Empress Set
    3% from card set
    15% from Demon Slayer Passive
    30%/ 50% from demon impact/Cerebes
    30% from Empress wep potential

    Potential str %: Total 41%
    Top= 6%
    Xenon Link Skill=10%
    MW level 13= 7%

    18% def ignore neb on wep

    Characters [all above 120 for their Lv. 2 link skill]:
    Demon Slayer

    I basically want to boss everything except magnus and chaos root abyss, and even then I do want to attempt them later on. Remember, this is long term...very long term..and I dont plan to solo them lol

    ATM I have 3 bil worth of items to sell, a granny merchant shop, 4 clean beryl hearts and 1 curruently trying to get to 35 att for myself, and 20k of nx saved for miracle time. I plan to use that money on super miracle cubes and try to get my shield to unique, and possibly my badge.

    I was thinking of farming 6 chaos scroll of goodnss and 6 unique pot scrolls and either sell the service for mesos or use them myself. IDK which yet. If I do use them, I might get the pinnacle ring and unleash ring to unique and goodnss scroll them.

    Allight if I need to give out more info, let me know ^^ So any advice would be helpful~ Remmeber, I can't really buy nx easily so if you're going to suggest cubing, keep in mind that will take a lot longer than getting other stuff.

    Also try to avoid saying get fafnir and tyrant. Those pieces seem abhorrently expensive =/
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    Default Re: Increasing my DS's Damage

    >listing all your equips
    >neglecting to include your range

    top lel

    Anyways if you're willing to invest NX in a dual pendant slot, then Alien Belt, Earrings, 2 Pendants and a Ring will get you the 5 set effect of 30% boss damage. If not then the 3 set effect should suffice with 50 attack. Make a Xenon now and a Demon Avenger when they come out and get both to 120. Their link skills grant 10% all stat and 10% damage (at level 120) respectively. Make sure you pay attention to when Kanna is released because getting her to 120 will give you another 10% damage. A level 120 Cygnus will give you +24 attack if you don't already have it.

    I can't really tell you anything you don't already know outside of that; your % str is really low so you need to buy equips with more of it or cube what you've got; those are really your only options.

  3. Default Re: Increasing my DS's Damage

    Oops, forgot the range. Will update after sc ends, but I believe it was 53-58k.

    Also forgot to mention my MW is level 10 [technicaly 13 with all the +skill levels from empress and leafre codex] I failed 3 MW 20 books so far >_>

    I'll consider getting a second alien necklace, but I would prefer to put my nx on thing that can at least be....guess the better word would be solidified and won't dissapear in a month lol.

    And IDK about cubing. I would prefer pre-cubed stuff since my luck with cubing is pretty terrible, but all empress-prescrolled/precubed is really dam expensive =/

  4. Default Re: Increasing my DS's Damage

    Sorry for double post, but just added more information~

  5. Default Re: Increasing my DS's Damage

    Well a relatively cheap alternative IMO would be to use innocence60s from the event store (if they don't have a limit, I don't know for sure sorry :T) and chaos scrolls to try get some decent w.att on your empress gear, and then cube those with some occult cubes for 3% str each. (There should be a lot of those in fm from the attendance events)

    Goodluck ^^

  6. Default Re: Increasing my DS's Damage

    I was actually contemplating that since i know people are gonna try to do the attendance as much as they can this and next season for the rewards, so an influx of cubes will happen.

    I was also thinkig of just using the 6 unique pot scrolls ill be farming, but still debating on whether to use them on empress or just sell the service for 1.5 bil.



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