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    Default Beryl Heart Scrolling Advice?

    Wasn't sure if I should post this in Angry Dome or here, but it's basically asking for advice from people who scroll more than me.

    What the heck should I be doing with these things? Using 50% unleashed scrolls has been a total torture for me, because my luck has literally always sucked when it comes to MS and when I'm using every single one of these 50% scrolls my hearts skips a few beats. This is basically what I've done so far scrolling these things (note: Been using only 50% Unleasheds):

    1st Heart:
    First scroll failed, the worst start possible when scrolling something.

    2nd Heart:
    First scroll failed again, ffuuu, this time I decided to keep on scrolling because I thought it's better screwing one than screwing over all the beryls I have. So I kept on scrolling and used more 50%s. Ended up succeeding only 1 out of 4 scrolls. At this point I had 5att 1 slot heart, and decided it would be best to just innocence it clean. Used a 100% inno I got from some hot time and was back at square one.

    2nd Heart (Inno'd, reattempting)
    First scroll failed again, luckily 2 scrolls succeed after that and I almost thought that this could end well. 4th scroll however failed again.

    So at the moment I have:

    Beryl Heart, 4 slots (+0)
    Beryl Heart, 10att, 1 slot (+2)
    5 x Beryl Heart, Clean, 5 slots

    Should I see if the last Unleashed works on my 10att heart, and then try slating 2 failed slots (although I have terrible luck with slates)? Or should I try scrolling the heart that currently has 4 slots? Maybe I should attempt starting clean and risk ruining another clean Beryl Heart?

    What do I do?

  2. Default Re: Beryl Heart Scrolling Advice?

    For me I just luckily had some left over lucky day scrolls or whatever they are called on mule accounts when they had them in previous Hot Day events. I used one for every slot, so 60% Unleashed. I only had to recover 3 slots (2 failed hammers, 1 failed slot) and used 20% cleans from the Anni shop and used 2 lucky scrolls and only ended up having to use 4-5 clean slates.

  3. Default Re: Beryl Heart Scrolling Advice?

    If you have the NX to spare, just stock up on 50%'s and wait until Nexon put the lite shield scrolls up on sale again.

    Meant to say start over as soon as possible while the hearts are cheap.

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    Default Re: Beryl Heart Scrolling Advice?

    Note that the 50%'s expire in 90 days.

  5. Default Re: Beryl Heart Scrolling Advice?

    Well pineapple me they do.

    But it's been a while since the last lite scroll sale, I'm positive they'll release it again eventually.

  6. Default Re: Beryl Heart Scrolling Advice?

    well the odd of using 50% to success 5 times in a row is 0.03125% (0.5^5) so use the clean slates from the maple shop or unleashed shop. I think nexon will add unleashed box to mobs drop during the DA so can finally farm coins. KMS have it first thing unlimited patch is out.

    I have 51 hearts stashed and waiting until I can farm coins. I will need at least 11k coins assuming all 50% pass and hammers as well to get them to 35 atk 35 all then sell them for more than 4b whatever the future demand will be in the fall/winter.

  7. Default Re: Beryl Heart Scrolling Advice?

    Almost correct. It's actually 3.125%

    0.5^5 = 0.03125. Not 0.03125%

    Move the decimal over 2 places (multiply by 100) yields 3.125%

    0.03125% would be impossibly hard considering how many perfect scrolled hearts there were before the day was even over.

  8. Default Re: Beryl Heart Scrolling Advice?

    oops forgot about converting to %

  9. Default Re: Beryl Heart Scrolling Advice?

    Pretty much just keep scrolling all the hearts you're willing to forsake until you get one that's at least +3. If you don't obtain one like that, innocence one, 50% it, if the most favorable outcome on it is +2, innocence it, repeat procedure until at least +3 heart obtained. Then clean slate + 50% it until all slots are done.

  10. Default Re: Beryl Heart Scrolling Advice?

    You're still doing marginally better than mine.
    50% works
    50% works
    50% fail
    50% fail
    50% fail
    50% hammer fail
    50% hammer fail

    It's +2, hammered twice. Don't have the resources to get enough 50%s for another +5 attempts.

  11. Default Re: Beryl Heart Scrolling Advice?

    GM scrolling does wonders...

  12. Default Re: Beryl Heart Scrolling Advice?

    i concluded lucky days do not make any difference lols.

    i did 6 hearts so far:
    heart 1 = 25wa, 2 hammer slot
    heart 2 = 35wa, no slot
    heart 3 = 15wa, 2 hammer slot
    heart 4 = 10wa, 2 hammer slot
    heart 5 = 15wa, 2 hammer slot
    heart 6 = 15ma, 2 hammer slot



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