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  1. Default next 2 week attendance gift?

    Anyone know the next 2 week attendance prize? These hp/mp enchantment scrolls are some kind of lame joke, or if not a joke an insult...and a 100% destroy if fail chaos? wtp? what a load of crap, wasn't even worth doing. next round worth doing? anyone got some kind of inside info?

  2. Default Re: next 2 week attendance gift?

    Season 3: Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness (7 Day Duration)
    Season 4: Unique Potential Scroll (7 Day Duration)

    At least that's what they claim they will give anyway.
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  3. Default Re: next 2 week attendance gift?

    I think you mean 'season' instead of 'week'...
    anyways it says 'Weapon Enhancement Scroll, Armor Enhancement Scroll, Accessory Enhancement Scroll'
    I'm pretty sure the scrolls I got were 'enchantment' and not 'enhancement,' do the enchantment scrolls do something other than what they say? Cause a chance to add 50 hp/mp vs destroy item is in no way worth it... they should have specified on that notes page that the enhance/enchant scrolls are worthless.



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