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  1. Default Simple questions, Simple answers.

    If you have a 'simple' question that isn't worth starting a new thread over, feel free to ask it here.
    This thread is for both new players and old players alike, Dota is a game of exceptions and nobody has ever truly learned everything.

    Helpful guides for new player:
    Welcome to DotA2, you suck

    Some helpful basic information:

    Lanes, Last hitting, Denying, Pulling and stacking

    Roles and positions

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    In safe lane, playing support you can stack and pull. Should I only pull when it's stacked? I just did it in a game but I noticed that I'd miss stacks because enemies were harassing me or trying to block it so I had to harass them out and miss the stack but if I pull without stacking first there would be two waves pushing their tower. Oh, and if I should only pull when it's stacked and I miss 1 stack, what can I do that minute before I can try to stack again?

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    If you aren't able to stack you should do what is called a double pull.
    As radiant this includes cutting down the trees behind the medium camp near your tower, this allows you to pull the creeps from the medium camp near the rune to the creeps as the creeps from the other medium camp are about to die.
    It's a bit harder but removes the whole stacking aspect and if you attack just enough allows you to clear both camps with nearly every pull which gives loadsa experience and cash.
    For dire it's a bit harder but basically includes pulling the hard camp near the radiant top tower to your own medium camp near your own tower. I'm not sure at exactly what times to pull since they changed the 'leash' timer on creeps. But it should still be fully doable.

    And if you're completely prevented from pulling you should stay in lane and protect your carry as support or if your carry is fine on his own or the lane is completely pineappleed, go roam. This is something too many supports don't realize in pubs, if your carry is pomegranate, don't waste time supporting him. Go find the best player on your team and help him, gank for him, ward his lane.
    If your mid laner is your best player by far, go help him and make sure he can snowball, pubs in dota are a completely different can of worms than professional games.
    Or if your off-laner is doing great, go help him and make sure he does even better, if your jungler is at the right level to gank grab a smoke and gank with him.

    Pulling is nice if your lane is passive and your carry is fine on his own and the off-laner can't stay in lane, but preventing the off-laner from getting experience is far more important. And if it's a 2v2 lane you generally shouldn't pull as it leaves you very vulnerable. You can still stack occasionally though, just incase your lane gets pushed.

    Woops went on a rant, but yea.
    Generally only pull when it's stacked unless you're going to push a tower or you can double-pull.

    Oh and radiant can even pull the big camp near rune towards the medium camp at the rune for a triple pull if you got two creepwaves at a camp for some reason.

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    Default Re: Simple questions, Simple answers.

    Don't single pull unless you wanna push the lane, because that's what that does. Always stack or yes, double pull. Double pulling to the hard camp is actually better exp/gold, so you should learn to do it when you can. The timing for that, I just eyeball because it really dependson the camp and how the creeps interacted with the medium camp when you pulled. Just pull earlier than later.

    In between stacks you should be sapping some exp in the lane or zoning out your lane enemies. If they are messing with your pull they aren't getting exp and letting your carry freefarm so that's fine. Also them messing with your pull puts THEM out of position, not you. So, you can call for a TP or for your lane partner to come f 'em up if they keep being bold.

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    Did they make any changes to stash?
    Courier was bringing something to me while I was dead, inventory was full and instead of leaving it in stash it just dropped it in fountain.
    I'm not sure but it seemed to happen to a guy who, while dead, bought a tp in base and instead of going to stash it just dropped in fountain.
    It's scared the hell out of me because I didn't notice at first, I was like where the pineapple is my item/ gold? It just happened to Eternal Envy, while playing vs Na'vi.
    I don't know if I'm being pessimistic but I can already see people "trolling" and stealing/destroying items that end up in fountain.
    I hope it's just a bug.

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    Default Re: Simple questions, Simple answers.

    Wanna learn to play with Tusk.
    What do? What skils first? Lane?

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    Tusk is a very versatile hero that can be played as initiator/utility/support or semi-carry.
    If you're playing him as support/utility, level Ice Shards and Snowball first (prioritizing the stun) and lane with a carry that get a lot done while enemy is stunned. Move around the map and find an enemy who's out of position to gank him. If you're lv6 you might be able to gank squishy heroes by yourself. If your carry is getting harassed badly you can use Ice Shards to make them back.
    If you want to play him as semi-carry he can do ok-ish in mid or fine in any other lane as long as he has support. Skills are basically the same, the only thing that change are items.
    Most important thing to remember while playing Tusk is that the moment your opponent is in a bad position he's stunned and dead. I have my finger on W at all times so that I'm always ready to stun. The other important thing to remember is that your ulti does more damage when enemy is below 50% hp.
    It's up to you how to play him, if you're more comfortable as utility or semi-carry.



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