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    The base/default critical damage is 120% minimum to 150% maximum, but skills/character cards/potential can raise both of these. Is there any cap on either, or will they always increase damage as long as maximum is higher than minimum?

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    Not that I've heard of. Or if there is, no one has reached it yet and/or told us about it...


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    Default Re: Min/Max Critical Damage Question

    angelic buster reached something like 220% max crit from her own skills iirc, so unless you're asking because of an AB, most classes shouldn't be affected by a cap we haven't reached/known yet.

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    Oh wow, that's high @_@ I was only asking because my min crit is at like 151% and max is 154% without decent SE, was wondering if more max crit damage (thief card deck) would be beneficial, but it seems like it is!
    Thanks for the replies! Going to lock the thread now.



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