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    Thanks everyone who posted in the previous thread. And it got locked before I got back but they killed her. Though they had to kill v2's and then back to back bind her.

    They said she dropped way less than normal.

    As for evo we went there afterwards and all of the v's and empress still don't have their drops in evo, though evo empress has considerably less hp it seems. And you can get tornado'd on a chair, pretty funny looking imo.

    What should I do about the evo thing? Submit a ticket? Forum posts?

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    I, and many people that I know, have already submitted tickets about the drop "glitch" for Shadow Cygnus and her V2 instructors. Whether this issue has already been acknowledged by Nexon is unknown.


    And I apologize beforehand, but I'm going to go a bit off-topic here and make some final statements regarding the previous thread that you started (which was locked, lamentably).

    For anyone who cares, here is the full, uncut video:

    I understand that it wasn't requested by anyone in particular, but I think it was implied that I should have posted a full video to eschew any false assumptions or misconceptions concerning our seemingly "questionable" run:

    It is completely understandable that an intentionally cropped video would invariably evoke skepticism among the viewers, and for causing such a commotion, I would like to apologize.

    However, I would like to echo some previous statements:
    Quite frankly, I was astonished by how easily many of you guys concluded that the video was cropped to conceal our IGN's because we were supposedly hacking the boss, and continued to search for little tidbits of circumstantial "evidence" that would support your wildly inadequate, illogical conclusions. The video is linked above with the intention to absolve our legitimate runners, and ultimately, to eradicate any remnants of doubt.

    Sorry for all the quotes/notifications.
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    I still don't like how my alliance was one-sidedly declared chrono's rival. We don't really care what chrono is doing at all.
    And you guys bring people from our alliance on a few of your runs, so it seems pretty normal and i dont understand why you guys have to hide it.

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    Is this thread about Empress or drama? No need to bring it here for everyone to see. Just makes it worse; move it to real life where you can box it out but not here. :(

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    I have a thread I started in the Bug Section on Nexon forum. We have been trying to keep it bumped on the front page. Apparently the techs look, or someone who reports to the techs look at this section and gives them the issues. If you are around just bump the thread up till they at least acknowledge they have seen the problem.

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    i blindly followed an accusation since i was so used to seeing cerebus with an animation. i quickly retracted that and i deeply apologize.

    personally i was concerned because on GAZED nobody knew what the pineapple was going on with her and the healing i saw threw me off as it was what she did before unleashed. as far as i know no one brought a full attacking party to her or could not deplete her health fast enough
    so in conclusion we have some weird-ass hybrid of unlimited and pre-patch. at least it's not 40 heals this time holy pomegranate

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    I don't understand how your post is relevant to Unleashed Empress, but please refer to this post. And I don't appreciate how you are making the generalization of "you guys", when I was not the one who made that declaration. I've already discussed this with you, but if you still have lingering problems with it, please private message me instead of replying here.

    Yes, you are correct about it being a "weird-ass hybrid". In essence, Unleashed Empress is similar to Shadow Cygnus; provide a sufficient amount of burst damage and carefully-timed binds, and you'll pull through. I won't reveal anything more, however, as it takes away from the fun.

    I'm done hijacking threads guys, thanks for your time.

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    People have their reasons to do so. It's FAR from the first time where actual hackers have cropped their videos and passed them off as legit and pomegranate talked / bashed everyone who didn't agree with them.

    Still, good on you guys for releasing a full kill video. I just fear Nexon will claim Empress is working as intended and not even bother fixing her, seeing as she can actually be killed.

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    I'm deleting any more posts about this, the matter is dealt with.

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    Okay. No problem.

    >_> I wish they'd at least fix the thing with the DR and/or Magnus. The coin shop is great and all but some of us who have that really bad town lag ould rather just split the coins from his drops every day. Well that and not all of us are super op.

    ._. I find it funny how most of the people I know that can kill it are too self absorbed to bring a binder.
    But it sucks that you cant bring in a legitimate random party and kill it b/c of dat DR.

    Oh and Magnus drops stuff. So far all my guildy has seen are nova pirate boots and warrior belts.



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