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    Default Re: What Do You Guys Think?

    I mean, if you get a response from them that isn't auto'd, I'd be impressed.

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    If I remember correctly, they used to direct these complaints to their legal team to "settle" things peacefully. If you kept pushing, they would just outright ban your account and you would go to court with them.

    Good luck to you all the same though.

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    I added more info saying that I'm not trying to threaten anyone and just trying to settle things peacefully.

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    Default Re: What Do You Guys Think?

    It's worth a try anyway. Just don't get too hopeful.

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    Good luck. Are you planning on including the miracle time as well?

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    Miracle Time was addressed, 2x on Marvel never was.

    Heck, I only heard about it from she-who-shall-not-be-named and other Southperrians, and didn't see it on the website at all before it was turned off/taken down.

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    Default Re: What Do You Guys Think?

    i hate to bring it up but...

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    Default Re: What Do You Guys Think?

    Once you click that agree button there's nothing you can dooo about it ^_^

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    Just because it's in there doesn't mean it's legal.

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    Default Re: What Do You Guys Think?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't they not give a time frame? Yes they said for 1 day only but did they say it would be from 12:00am PST - 11:59pm PST? If you want to split hairs they could easily just say it technically was on 2x drop on that day, even if it was only for a few hours...technicalities and all.

    I'm not agreeing with it I'm just pointing out another side to this

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    Default Re: What Do You Guys Think?

    It's Nexon's term of use and you agreed to it though.

  12. Default Re: What Do You Guys Think?

    Unethical, sure thing.
    Illegal, not as easy to judge.

  13. Default Re: What Do You Guys Think?

    -rubs temples-

    The reason they probably won't ever respond to your ticket is it's legal fluff with, well nothing substantial.

    First off, let's go to your ticket. You bought NX because of an advertisement for marvel, but didn't buy any marvel, you just found out after you made the purchase. The only legal transaction made/acknowledged is for the card you purchased. It's advertised as 50,000 nexon points, you get 50,000 nexon points. The moment you make that transaction, you're in Nexon's law field now.

    Now you have 50k points and decided not to spend it marvel, what do you want nexon to do? They forced you to agree to tolerate sh`it like this in the TOS, any nexon point transactions are not represented by any trade law's, at all. So even if you splurged on Marvel and could prove that the 2x was not in fact on, (which takes more than hearsay mind you) it means nothing outside of the game.

    Those are nexon points that are a liability, not american dollars, and considering Nexon takes active steps, including forbidding any real life transactions for their virtual property, that is enough to show that these intangible items have no real world value. You aren't exchanging money for NX point's, you're giving nexon permission to charge your card and they are rewarding you for these points. That wording pretty much protects them from "Well I paid this for that, therefore it has a value".

    EDIT: And please OP don't be as irrational as this guy was; is Online Gambling?



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