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  1. Default Unleashed Empress

    According to Undetect in YMCK Empress heals now.

    If this is correct even if you get enough people to bind you may get banned because afaik the heal was taken away in kms so they(nx) probably don't want us to kill it. I know 3 people, him included, that have 1m+ range on Xenon with varying levels of 100%+ boss and after Undetect told us this they first wanted to try to kill it, but are reconsidering b/c of the whole Magnus thing.

    What do you guys think?

  2. Default Re: Unleashed Empress

    i think they just changed her HP value and nothing else

    besides the scrubby garden we have no other properties of unlimited empress (KMS/MSEA)

  3. Default Re: Unleashed Empress

    I'm sure empress would be a different case from magnus.. If they didn't want us to be able to kill empress they shouldn't have even made doing v2s possible. I doubt they would ban for something ridiculous like that.

    As far as the healing goes, they probably aren't even aware these emergency heals exist. I have never seen anything from other versions where her emergency healing/double healing even occurs. They probably removed her automatic healing but are completely unaware this one even exists.

    Here is a youtube video of a night lord doing empress with the hyper skill patch in TMS. This is not enough dps/consistent attacking in her emergency heal zone in GMS to have been able to kill it.

    If anything i'd be willing to bet these are one of their now outdated anti hacking measures (much like the under 10 minute limit to be able to kill her in general, in the video there's 17 minutes left and she dies) that were never properly functioning from the start, like the horntail time before drop limit.

  4. Default Re: Unleashed Empress

    Yeah I can help but wonder though because he was in their for 30 mins. And he said she kept doing it. Well I'll go in later this week and see what happens.

  5. Default Re: Unleashed Empress

    We've killed Empress in Scania, and we haven't been banned. You guys should be fine.

  6. Default Re: Unleashed Empress

    Yeah she'll keep doing it because it's a separate system from the 35 heal counter, you need to bind or do an amazing amount of dps to be able to kill her.

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    TMS Empress is screwy. There's a vid of a Lumi killing Empress with 0 heals and 53 minutes left.
    Also GMS Empress can be killed that way (minus the timer). She doesn't spam the full map heal as much as Evo Empress does.

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    Yeah supposedly there's no time limit or v2 kill limit on GMS empress now too, some people go in with massive dps and bind chains and kill it in a few minutes. There's also an..msea? I believe video of them doing it in like 15 seconds using this method. GMS empress will always do the emergency heal when she reaches a certain amount of HP if you can't kill it fast enough/have a bind. The bind thing is just a personal issue though (and maybe the thread starters) as a night lord I don't have a bind so when she gets down to the heal zone there's absolutely nothing I can do while soloing (and with just 1 bind, tried that and it didn't work either). The emergency heal is glitched in one way or another and there's not really any denying that because the heal says 840m hp and it heals around 31b. It should really just be removed, as this is also what caused double healing and stuff before the unleashed update

  9. Default Re: Unleashed Empress

    I think all versions had both heals ever since Empress came out, but yeah it's supposed to be removed now with the 50m damage cap and higher HP. And good luck getting it fixed with how incompetent Nexon America is =/

  10. Default Re: Unleashed Empress

    could you possibly tell us how this came about?

    30 seconds isn't enough to see how you dealt with her
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  11. Default Re: Unleashed Empress

    "We cropped a video in Scania and we haven't been banned. You guys should be fine."


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    honestly, if you're going to crop a video of you guys hacking a boss, you could at least FULLY crop the fly hacker on the top of the screen.

    Bring on the infraction.

    Happens at 13 seconds, by the way.

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  14. Default Re: Unleashed Empress

    I mean, you'd think if they were going to hack Empress and crop the video to conveniently hide their IGNs.. they would have at least thought to not use a macro with a shout attached to it.. /smh.

  15. Default Re: Unleashed Empress

    I take back my pomegranate. This thread is hilarious.

  16. Default Re: Unleashed Empress

    Not sure if you were serious or not but that's a Demon Slayer using Cerebus Chomp


  17. Default Re: Unleashed Empress

    Right, and slayers that use cerebus chomp never land back on the ground afterwards? In fact, I don't ever see that guy in the video outside of floating up in the air.

  18. Default Re: Unleashed Empress

    Because the stupid Paladin invincibility buff is covering pretty much everything, and the Slayer would have been behind everyone else. Chomp only has like 4 different movement phases, 2 of which you can see in the video and the other 2 are blocked because they don't leave the ground, I'm not arguing this is a legit run, but that isn't evidence of hacking at all

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    Yeah, no, watch closely. The slayer has the DR Bypass on from meta. You can SEE the wings from the buff for a second when he's about to land, and instantly disappears entirely. Also, when your character jumps it relayers you to be on top of everyone else. He didn't appear on top of anyone because he never even hit the ground.

    And then the next FRAME:

    Where did da slayer go? I wonderrrrr

  20. Default Re: Unleashed Empress

    toppest of lels



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