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    'Glee' star Cory Monteith found dead in hotel in Canada

    I will miss the guy. His awkward dancing made him iconic (for me) in Glee :(
    Rest in Peace...

    I wonder what this will mean for Glee. As far as I remember, he still had a part in the show.

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    I just don't have anything to say. It's devastating.

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    the singaporean twittersphere is in chaos because a popular blogger indirectly made an insensitive tweet about the #RIPCoryMonteith trend.

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    What in the world did he/she do/say/chirp?


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    Lol, you know what does trending on twitter after someone's dead means? No one gives a pomegranate only until you're gone.
    3:14 PM - 14 Jul 2013

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    Insensitivity? Pretty much. Inaccuracy? To some degree. Basically he's saying "idgaf, so why are you giving two hoots about it?"


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    Whoa, this was unexpected. He's a great actor and singer, he will be greatly missed. :(

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    Yeah, when the 4th season ended, he'd basically just come back and was set up to have a new storyline regarding co-leading the Glee Club and possibly getting back together with Rachel, which got sidelined when he went to rehab. His absence in the last few episodes wasn't explained in the slightest, he just disappeared. Which has put the show in a sticky situation. The entire point of his character was that he "wasn't going anywhere" and had no prospects, so it would be unbelievable for them to say he got a job somewhere far away.

    The only thing I think they could do is to kill off the character off screen somehow... but I have no idea how they would do it that would seem believable. It's obvious they are going to do a tribute episode to him, so I hope it's a fitting send off.

    As i've said before, I didn't like his acting or singing, and I didn't like his character (though he got slightly less annoying in the 4th season when he wasn't obsessed with popularity).

    Regardless, the show will go on without him. The same way it went on without Quinn, Mike, Mercedes and Sam (for a while).

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    Look what you've done you damn Canadians

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    I was bored with his storyline anyways.

    srsly though, I really liked how he bettered his dancing and singing abilities through out the shows seasons.


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    He had his problems but he will be greatly missed

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    dude they were going to get married in real life, how pineappleing insensitive can you get.

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    Wow that sucks

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    He was 31?!

    Damn though, that sucks :/

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    "We've got tonight" was quite painful to watch, Cory and Lea had an obvious chemistry due to their relationship both in and out of the show. it's really sad to see, especially since it was the last song they sang together on the show.

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    oh they were? I didnt even know they were together irl as I dont really follow them outside of the show.

    thats just terrible then.



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