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  1. Cash1 Xenon Skill book

    Si I reached lvl 70 and i dont know what to do:
    Take Xenon Mastery or take the expensive skill book that i can get.


    BTW i from Kahini

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    If you can get 55 8th anniversary coins together(5500 leaves), you can get another book. I'd go with expert first, then whatever's most expensive.

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    Do Xenons even have "Skill Books" that drop from Zakum like Dual Blade?

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    Not sure how it is in other worlds but for some reason Beam Dance 20 is the most expensive Xenon book (Not counting MW of course). Depending on who you ask, you max it or Mecha Purge after Expert so that should be your next choice.

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    I saw Locked SP guide and you are not maxing Beam Dance after Xenon expert

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    I know. I followed Locked's guide but there are some people that prefer Beam Dance like @ShinkuDragon.

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    FYI, no new classes (any class after Big Bang) Uses skill books, thats mainly For Adventurers and Aran+Evan. You should get the Expert Mastery book, it gives more stable and highr damage.

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    I chose to do Mecha Purge for this reason: Everyone and their mothers ALWAYS end up getting Expert Mastery. What does that mean? Means Expert Mastery books will start becoming cheap since no one will need them. I decided to leave my mastery at 10, and guess what? I was 1 hitting EVERYTHINGGG! There was no need for me to have stable damage if that was the case.

    When I finally got Expert Mastery, it costed me 40m for 20 and 70m for 30.
    Guess how much I see Mecha Purges selling for now? 80m for 20 and 100m+ for 30.

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    and i never looked back.

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    I followed my own intuition, don't use guides =P. I never even used mecha purge until like lvl 170 for training since beam dance already took care of your misses unless they were so weak I'd 1hko with a lvl 1 mecha purge regardless. I spent my lvl 80-150 time in evo lab and pqs, I should've subbed some bosses in there, but by the time you're really go hunting bosses, you'd be lvls 140-159. Buffs were first for me, sick and tired of of the low stance and prefer to not get touched at all. Only times I use mecha purge even at lvl 200 is when I go bossing, or at golems. Anyways, always grab the book that costs the most, easy logic. I bought nearly every book in fm days before xenon came out and they were all 25mil each. At the end of the day, I came out just fine, and used my free book on the the skill that failed the most on me.



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