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  1. Default Why is my damage range so low?

    I hope this is the right place to make this thread. Amherst used to be a place you could ask noob questions.

    So, I've been on my bishop for a few weeks now, and it didn't take long to realize my damage range is so much lower than everyone else's. At first I thought it was because my gear just sucked, but even if I spent 3 bil on every piece of gear, I'd only be looking at around a 20-25k increase (probably not even that much). How are people getting up into the 100k+ ranges? I saw Thatwasmykil's bishop video with ~250k range

    self buffed I'm at 25k without avenging angel and 28.7 with avenging angel. 343 magic attack (self buffed, no avenging angel) and around +40% int.

    I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong. Either that or everyone has 5bil invested into every piece of gear.

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    Do you have Link Skills?
    Character Cards?
    Those can help quite a bit

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    hmm... no I don't have those. Reading up on what those are.... that's going to take a really long time to level all those new characters .

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    Potential. More of it.

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    -edit goddammit i cant read-

    Well just try uprade in the way thats easiest for you. You could try go for %int, or m.att.

    Personally for my Pally I tried to get as much w.att as possible first before going for %stats, its sorta easier too atm considering you can get a cygnus to 120 for the link (i hope you havent mentioned that or im going to have to edit this again), as well as use the unleashed store to scroll a nice staff + beryl heart.

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    Give us a list of all the characters you have. I'm doing some numbers for you.


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    It depends on what you're buying. I settled for ok-ish gear but I spent 9b on weapon. Getting 9-15% stat in every other piece of gear should be enough to get you near 100k range and each piece isn't gonna be over 2b. I think I had like 500att and 110-120% stat, buffs helped me reach 100k range.
    Other than my earings and dagger everything was self made because I was rather lucky with my cubes (never had to use more than 10 for 15% stat) but adding up the offers I've got from people after I quit, everything's around 30b.

    The people that have 100k+ ranges are people whose gear is worth way more than 5b. Check the Godly Scrolled thread, those Tyrant things with like 50att+ and 1241629%stat are just expensive and powerful.

    EDIT: If you're in Broa I wouldn't mind helping out.

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    I only have my bishop and 2 adventurer classes on this account. I started leveling a cannoneer but I'm only level 20.

    I guess I just need a ton of %int? That makes sense. I'm at around 1800 int, so if I got 30% more that's a huge increase in damage.

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    I need all your levels!


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    oh sorry, lvl 53 page, 46 assassin, 21 cannoneer, and 166 bishop

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    Can you make a Mihile? It's blessing is 1MA every 5 levels, up to 30MA.


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    Adventurer Mages do have very, very low ranges naturally.
    I transferred my gear from my Battle Mage to my F/P and my range dropped from about 140k selfbuffed to about 60k. (Although he didn't have the same base int, it was pretty close). I think I have around 110% INT and some 400 magic attack.
    And the people that you mentioned have loads and loads of %INT and Magic Attack.

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    oh cool that sounds good, i'll start leveling one of those then. I have to get to lvl 120 right?

    ahh see now that makes a lot of sense. I was talking to a battle mage earlier and he was asking me what my range was. He had double my range but we were doing about the same damage.

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    The main reason for the difference in the ranges is from skills. Non-adventurer mages get lots of MA from many skills e.g. Mastery, passives. But now they're remedying that with all the revamps and balancing...


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    Don't mind my double post. I did a quick check on numbers, and attempted a quick damage calculation. I have assumed all of the following because they're either: 1) easy to get (read: free), and 2) you seem funded (read: have enough Mesos) enough to get some stuff... I'm assuming no cubing.

    Made with MS Excel...

    With all these, you should stand at around 30000 - 33500 range, with only 13%INT and 376MA in total. Some of these you can get, some you'll have to substitute (preferably with %INT stuff). A Luminous, however, will have a range of 27000 - 30000... assuming Lunar Tide is over at the Critical side (the other side would make the range 30000 - 33500). But if I compare you using AR with the Luminous using Spectral Light against a boss (say Hilla, 50%PDR), you will dish under 600k/s, while a Lumi will dish 870k/s.

    Ranges don't tell you everything - in fact they tell you very little, other than the fact that you have so much so much base damage (read: twack damage). Things will be very different during actual gameplay. This is why we are here, why people like JoeTang do those numbers in the Training Centre section.

    Also, apparently for F/Ps they only need like 50-60k range to hit the old damage cap with Mist Explosion, if done correctly. Bishops... well.....


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    I thought my gear was better than that, but I guess not. This is what I have currently


    I'll have to look up the items you mentioned and work on the codex.

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    I did mine for buffed range. Check your buffed range. Also, %INT is worth some MA per % point.


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    Default Re: Why is my damage range so low?

    bullpomegranate i could hit the old cap with infinity or on posion weak mob with a 25k range meaning i only needed 1.5x my range to do so without

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    You obviously need more potential gear. Is everything you have perfect scrolled? Is it at legendary status with appropriate % stat? Does each gear have 3 lines of Bonus potential? Is that at legendary stat? If you reallly want a high range, you should get all these things and like a million dollars cause I have no idea how you afford things like this. You're either going to have to be very lucky or be made of money.

    (and that's why I'll never get to the old damage cap!)

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    mages have lower ranges than most other classes. a friend of mine has a level 200 i/l am with 150% INT and a perfect dragon tail staff while he looks for fafnir gear, and only has a 100k range. an equivalent thief would probably have a 150k+ range with that (my shad had about the same LUK as he does INT, and a non-perfect weapon and had a 160k self-buffed range).

    they get their multipliers from other sources, and these often don't show up in your damage range; damage amp (50% damage) and arcane aim (40% damage) are the big ones

    i'm also pretty sure that the multipliers multiply with each other, which makes that 50% and 40% higher than other damage instances on other classes, which add up before multiplying into your range.



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