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    IGN: Shinkanstab
    Server: Scania
    Level: 25
    Job: Rogue
    Guild: Crayon
    Alliance: AppleBunnies

    Default S>Robo Yeti Codes/Mabinogi Mysterious Cat Costume

    Hi there, I'm selling 11 RoboYeti codes and 12 Mysterious Cat Suit codes in Scania.

    Here's an image of the codes.

    Pricing is 750mil each for the RoboYetis and 400mil each for the Cat Suits, to be paid first. NX cash will be accepted on certain terms.

    Please take note that the RoboYeti pets are NOT permanent, and require a water of life every 90 days. Each RoboYeti code comes with a RoboYeti, a RoboYeti Antenna (90 days), and a Yeti Fuel closeness consumable. As for the cat costumes, I do not play Mabinogi, and cannot give an answer as to whether they are permanent or not.

    Here are some stand-still animations for the RoboYeti:

    As another note, the RoboYeti pet has glitched commands, so you might have to wait for a fix from Nexon for that.

    For more information, PM me or contact Fastaff in-game.
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  2. Default Re: S>Robo Yeti Codes/Mabinogi Mysterious Cat Costume

    Too bad you are in Scania, I'd buy one in Khaini for sure.



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