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    I've acquired a new home for us and am in the process of setting it up. You can anticipate down time for migration in our near future.

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    Glad to hear. Hope the transition(s) go well!

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    Migration will be tonight, beginning around 2 am central / Midnight Pacific. As usual, no idea how long it will take or what will be broken for how long.
    See the twitter page and/or IRC channel for updates.

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    If I may ask what are SP's hosting requirements? We just put a new server on our rack at the hosting facility and it reminded me that you had issues with your hosts. I don't think it would work out but it'd be nice if it did I guess.

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    Migration plan postponed till further notice.
    Have to wait for new host to finish making rDNS adjustments and finalize a few other points before we're able to move.

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    We're going to try this migration again at some point tonight. I've given up on a specific schedule and am going with pure whimsy, some time after 10 pm central.

    Warning page that we're down should be up through the whole thing explaining the current progress and intended duration. Twitter will also have updates.

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    and uh, IRC will be open as usual I guess, so come on down?



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