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  1. Default Getting Gear from Evo

    Hello all this is my first post so i hope you'll excuse my formalities.

    Im a level 107 Shad and my fellow guild members have told me you can get level 100+ gear from Evolution world.
    so, i go in with the 100 thief core and Grind on Link 3. But im not getting any drops well ive gotten two pieces of armor but that was after multiple attempts, is my luck really that bad? because people have told me they gotten plenty of drops in one sitting and ive only gotten 2 in 8 attempts.

    has this happened to anyone else?

    im wondering if i should stop grinding there for gear and just grind there for the levels.

  2. Default Re: Getting Gear from Evo

    Are they using weapon cores? There's like over 20 different weapons and only 3 armors?

    Makes sense that they'd get more since 20 > 3.

    disclaimer: I haven't Evo'd since Unleashed so idk what the drop rates are actually like

  3. Default Re: Getting Gear from Evo

    What else are you using? You should probably get 150 coins to unlock more slots first so that you can train and also farm equips, and even with MSEA's awful drop rates I can still get 6 pieces of armour easily in one round.



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