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  1. Default P/C>18Matk 3rd UWG Magician Shield

    Would like to know how much this is worth, so I can sell it and put the proceeds towards an upgrade.

  2. Default Re: P/C>18Matk 3rd UWG Magician Shield

    Granted GAZED's FM is entirely different from Scania's, but I had a few offers ranging from 9-11b on my old VIP shield if that gives you any idea of a price range.

  3. Default Re: P/C>18Matk 3rd UWG Magician Shield

    VIP/Last Unwelcome Guest shields are significantly higher in price than the 3rd UWG though because they can get primary lines of boss potential. The highest boss damage line a 3rd UWG shield can get is 30% at legendary compared to a VIP/LUWG at 40%, it's also significantly easier to get 40%/30% lines on a VIP/LUWG compared to 30%/30% on a 3rd UWG.

    (unless this was changed recently, but I am about 90% sure it wasn't. Same reason people didn't like to use Sky Skis as a main weapon since primary boss damage lines can only be found on level 100+ equips)

  4. Default Re: P/C>18Matk 3rd UWG Magician Shield

    Yep, this is still the case. There aren't many mage shields out there to begin with though (aside from the duped ones). Obviously his is going to be lower but at least it's still SOMETHING for him to go off of.



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