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  1. Default KMS red update discussion?

    Is there a thread anywhere on the internet in english that discuss the players' experience with the red update?

    from orangemushroom blog

    The amount of item crystals acquired when breaking down equipment has been adjusted

    how much? more than 1-3?

    Producing items level 120 or below (except for certain ones) no longer requires recipes

    what are the certain ones?

    The amount of crafting items you can hold in one slot has been increased

    can you hold 1000 crystals in one slot now?

    Some itemsí required crafting items and fatigue have been changed, creation waiting time has been added

    how much?

    A cooldown has been added to fatigue restoring potions

    what is this madness?

    Items sold by the merchants have been reorganized (no more ores/herbs sold, blacksmithing and accessory crafting recipes removed)

    should I mass buy ores ?

    New Meister items have been added as well, the weapons can be produced through Blacksmithing while the accessories can be produced with Accessory Crafting.

    what are the required ingredients?

    is the cube fragments tradable? what is the drop chance? common as equips or rare as dream fragments? same thing for that flames etc thingy for cube?


  2. Default Re: KMS red update discussion?

    1: I don't know exactly, but I believe they go up to 10~15 now, as the item crystals are worthless now.
    2: the certain ones are items that you didn't want to make in the first place.
    3: yes, 1000 in one slot.
    4: fatigue has been lowered on making equips(I think), and I don't know about creation delay, as I haven't stumbled onto it.
    5: I don't know.
    6: no. I got over 200 of each plate and ore when mining for heart rocks and purple/green mystery crystals.
    7: the required ingredients aren't available to you right now, but they involve the following: Twilight Essense, Enhanced(?) Twilight Essense, Essense of Chaos, Piece of Chaos Essense, and many more.
    8: they are tradable. cube fragments are gotten by disassembling occult/strange cubes using those fish tanks that people can create.

  3. Default Re: KMS red update discussion?

    thanks for the info!

    um what is the cube prices in your world? and are the essences thing rare? like primal essence?

  4. Default Re: KMS red update discussion?

    When I first saw this thread yesterday, iAmFear was also in it so I thought he was going to ninja me since he is the Professions wizard, but since he has not, I can tell you that Questions 2 and 4 can be predominantly answered by his Profession Recipe Guide.

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    마이스터 크로스보우 (Meister Crossbow) (100%) x1 (No Recipe Needed)
    Req. Profession Level: 12 | Fatigue Cost: 10 | Cooldown Time: 900 sec
    - 뒤틀린 시간의 정수 (Essence of Twisted Time) x10000
    - Lidium x30
    - Superior Abrasive x30
    - Philosopher's Stone x30
    - Superior Item Crystal x350

    uh is the essence of twisted time a common drop? or is the required amount inflated for the sake of newness?

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    Default Re: KMS red update discussion?

    Essence of Twisted Time drops from any mob.
    i've gotten a few from vellum imps and mobs in future henesys so yeah. for me they drop as much as uhhh i don't know what to compare it to... I guess like getting dark crystals from slimey? o_0

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    wow so overall, cubes are not hard to obtain.

    how do nexon profit now?


  8. Default Re: KMS red update discussion?

    Easily. They don't implant that over to GMS! :'(

    OT: Are you able to learn both professions? Did the changes make Maplestory less of a pay-to-win game?

  9. Default Re: KMS red update discussion?

    getting cubes easier never meant less profit for nexon.
    have you ever used occult/strange cubes?
    they are incredibly bad.

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    I don't think the new cubes are easy to obtain. The materials are very hard to get, and the cubes are time-limited so you have to use them or quickly sell them.

    And Occult Cubes are just terrible. I used two of them on my Epic items, they both ranked down to Rare.

  11. Default Re: KMS red update discussion?

    Who the hell saves cubes for long periods of time?

    Also, who uses occult cubes on epic items...

  12. Default Re: KMS red update discussion?

    I usually save up occult cubes, to make my items go epic, but that's about it.

  13. Default Re: KMS red update discussion?

    Was talking specifically about cubes that don't tier down and/or expire, but yeah there are reasons to stock. Having the profession cubes expire keeps the economy in check in a way. If they didn't expire people could stock up and drain/flood the market plus Nexon would see a dip in charges also.

  14. Default Re: KMS red update discussion?

    that does make sense.
    I haven't heard of anybody using them on equipment they want to keep. They are still too hard to make, to be beneficial for a cube spree.
    The one that goes up to unique sells for 350mil a pop, and the one that goes to legendary goes for 500.
    I have no idea why, when an amazing(enlightening in GMS?) cube goes for 70mil.

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    well duh i meant the profession cubes

    what is the crafting success rate for unique cube and legendary cube?



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