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    I've searched all over the internet for this, and apparently it's a somewhat widespread problem. I've tried running all sorts of compatibility modes, I've tried adjusting all sorts of graphical options (vsync, refresh rate, etc), and there's been only one change, but it's still very much there and annoying. I only re-downloaded maple yesterday, so this is kinda new to me.

    The exact nature of the frame lag is a periodic .5 second freeze every 8 seconds or so. (For some reason, before I turned off vsync, the lag was for as long as 5 seconds, but only occurred every 30 to 60 seconds.) The rather annoying thing is that my crappy laptop with XP and an integrated terri-GPU ran this game better most of the time. Stupid maple and wishing to live in the past...

    Anyway, any help or suggestions on this would be much appreciated.


    EDIT: Oh, and for some reason the lag is worse (much longer lasting) in ludi tower from the split paths downward. Feel like this is helpful information.
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    Sorry to double post, but seeing as I have a slight update I thought I'd bring some attention to the thread.

    I did some experimentation with a packet analysis program called Wireshark, and though I know pretty much nothing about packets and their properties, I did find some information.
    1) My outgoing packet length was reasonably larger around the time of the spikes (about 50%. Packets were normally 86, but usually went over 150 around the spikes, but could go as high as 600 rarely).
    2) My [Time delta from previous displayed frame:] value was massively larger near the spike times. It is usually just under 0.08 seconds, with noise taking it as high as 0.4, but during the spikes there was always a packet or two that was over 3 seconds, sometimes over 10.

    And as a final note, this lag does not exist in the startup menus, or (curiously) the Cash Shop.

    I've really searched everywhere for some kind of help on this. Even a VM wouldn't start the game for me (stuck on Loading...). Any thoughts or advice from the more skilled would be massively appreciated.

  3. Default Re: Periodic Frame Lag

    Well pineapple, I fixed it. For starters...


    Pretty much it was my USB keyboard. Maple doesn't like it. For some reason, there are a couple USB things that it just hates and does that thing I mentioned. Known list is here I might as well buy a keyboard since this one is like 10 years old anyway.

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    Default Re: Periodic Frame Lag

    Gratz on getting it fixed.

    And ugh @ Nexon.



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