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    Hello! I thought up a game we could try. The rules are simple:

    1# Come up with a question related to Maplestory, it can be a cropped image of a place for people to guess or picture of an item to guess it's name and/or stats etc..
    2# Only 1 answer per user unless the Quiz giver gives a hint, then you are allowed to answer again.
    3# Quote the current quiz author or copy the question so people won't have to search the right page for the question!
    4# Please edit your post to keep the game clean and when the correct answer is given, post with the following:

    At first lets keep a rule that if the current questions' poster hasn't replied for a day another user can start a new one.
    Please give suggestions to improve the game :)

    Okay time to start!


    He used to be famous in pre-chaos maplestory for one thing.
    What is his name, location, and old purpose?

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    That's JM From Tha Streetz, he used to live in Kerning City and be able to forge the Work Glove.

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    Stereo - Correct
    Your turn!



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