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    Trying to save his ass after he pretty much pushed a bill that no one wanted through. Then he's going to fall back on "OH, THEY ARE PREJUDICE AGAINST MY BELIEFS AS A CHRISTIAN"

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    Rick Perry is comedic because he is the last politician who would use Christianity as a fall back. The man decreed three days of prayer for rain which was followed by hottest month in Texas's history and a four month period of excessive drought on the state. He outwardly opposed Senator Wendy Davis's efforts to keep abortion centers open when the passed legislation would have effectively closed 27 of the state's 32 abortion clinics according to the Daily Show. To put it in the direct words of John Oliver, ""Hold on. Is five abortion clinics in 269,000 square miles really so bad? Think about it: Texas would still have three more abortion clinics than it has Six Flags amusement parts." Rick Perry is someone who hasn't gotten the point that you don't use Christianity to jeopardize your political career, you use it as a rhetorical device and a tool to gain votes from the nation's theists. That's the punchline.



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