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  1. Default Buy all class gear, scrolled with % all, or invest in RA stuff?

    I have the option to get some all gear stuff, like VSS, Gold earring, etc, all of it with % to stats and all of them with a high amount of weapon attack.
    But I have loads of friends who keep telling me I should be spending my money on the new RA set stuff... I was thinking of buying a good smiley mask, and rac mask, and then spending the rest on RA stuff.
    I only play to play on my shad, and my soon to be corsair for the foreseeable future, but I'm not sure how expensive it'll cost to invest in RA equips for those two classes. Also keep in mind I'm buying prescrolled stuff... is it going to be prohibitively expensive to buy prescrolled and cubed RA stuff? My budget is around 100b, which I know is plenty enough to get all the all class stuff I want, like, mask, eye, shoes, glove, cape, etc, but yeah, I'm still wondering what I should be doing instead.

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    Default Re: Buy all class gear, scrolled with % all, or invest in RA stuff?

    Take into account that there will be better stuff in the future so today's Fafnirs could be tomorrow's Reverse.
    If you get equips that are common to all classes, you'll be able to jump from a class to another.



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