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  1. Default Scroll my fafnir with...

    100% +9 att scroll from future hot time (Implying we get those) or 50% +5att +3 all from unleashed shop?

    So what's the best choice to scroll a fafnir weapon? I've been wondering about this for quite a few time, is that bonus 30 stat better than 40 att?

  2. Default Re: Scroll my fafnir with...

    I thought they were 90% +9 attack scrolls. Either way I don't even think those are in our data, or are they?

  3. Default Re: Scroll my fafnir with...

    There's a 70% version and a 90% version, they also give all stats +3 (while unleashed scrolls give all +5), and no, they aren't.

    I'd wait for them, but that's only because the weapon I'm using have is already pretty good.

    You could scroll it with Unleashed scrolls, I guess, and innocence later, but you'd have to scissor around to use the 70/90 scrolls if we ever get them.

  4. Default Re: Scroll my fafnir with...

    Why wait for something that might never come? It would certainly not be the first time Nexon NA changes the more OP event rewards.

    If you really want the absolute highest attack possible at all costs, you should wait for the Terminus weapons. Nexon lists that they have the wrong attack speed and are lacking the boss attack and ignore PDR/MDR stats as bugs in their latest list.

  5. Default Re: Scroll my fafnir with...

    Terminus is worse due to slower speed and not having a 4 set effect.

  6. Default Re: Scroll my fafnir with...

    Nexon already said that the slower speed is a bug.

  7. Default Re: Scroll my fafnir with...

    Terminus will still be lackluster because its not part of a set, of course Nexon could fix this real easy and nice by adding a Joker tag to Terminus weapons.

  8. Default Re: Scroll my fafnir with...

    They're still completely viable options for people that can't afford/don't want to use the set though.
    Personally, I don't want to use the set because my Hat, Top, and Bottom are already up to my standards to keep me content and I don't really want to spend the money to make new ones.

    Back on topic and sort of relevant: I'm just going to go with 50%s for my Beryl Heart. Using Protection Scrolls with 20%s is too expensive for my budget and I don't want to rely on something that we may not even get.



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