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  1. Default Scrolling armor for Xenon?

    Hi =)

    Since most of you are pros at this, I'm hoping someone can do a quick run down on scrolling a full Fafnir armor set for Xenon. I don't have too much experience with this.

    I'm considering using the 50% +3 all stat scrolls with hammers/clean slates on each piece and then most likely just enhancing once until I fill in my other pieces and feel the need to improve upon them some more (this could be a while since I had no thief/pirate gear).

    I figured the +3 all stat wouldn't be so terrible since he'll benefit from 9 of the stats.

    However, I have a feeling some of you probably cringe at this thought. Can anyone supply some numbers on why this is or isn't a good idea?

    +9 all 20% are out of the question, if I'm ever willing to blow that much on wards I would do it to my weapon and android heart (which I'm considering in the long run with survey money).

    I don't have enough goodness scrolls to be worth mentioning. If I ever got enough of them I would consider selling the set and starting over or innocence.

    So is this plan a decent one? Terrible? I would really appreciate any information and tips.

    Last question! Will diligence work with these scrolls? I have dozens of lucky day scrolls but I'm saving them for weapons/android hearts for my boyfriend and I.

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    Your idea is not terrible at all, Im doing the same thing myself, however on level 90 equipments (since ems dont have RA yet). Im not so sure about diligence but I believe it should work.

    Considering a chaos scroll of goodness usually giving you the range from 0 to 5 stat on anything the equipment have from before, you would only gain max 10 stat and 5 w.att but on avg it wouldnt give you this much for one scroll. You would gain about 4 stat and 2 w.att on avg. Now since this scroll is 100% chance to give you some decent stats you will replace that 2 w.att with 5 stat, which is by all means a fair trade (however the first option is always better). But if you get miracle enhancement scrolls in GMS you can also gain your 3rd main stat on this item, meaning the chaos scroll can give you another 2 stat making it 6 rather than 4. Overall these scrolls are worse than chaosing, but then theres the RNG factor you have to live with.

    I personally dont like chaosing at all, I never get satisfied with them and if my supply of equipments that Im gonna chaos (mass tempest rings etc) I usually just end up using stat bonus scrolls, since they give just about the same if you can gain w.att from somewhere else.

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    Thank you so much for the reply Even! We are getting some in Incredible Goodness scrolls in an event in the next few weeks. I would be able to get around 12~15 of them, which most likely will not be enough to fully scroll 1 piece of equip with hammers.

    I wasn't sure what I could gain out of them until you pointed it out just now, I just knew they were better than the 3 all.

    I'm still feeling a little indecisive. Assuming I got my Xenon 100% all stat, I wonder what the difference in damage would be for an average goodness'd Fafnir top/bottom/hat, or a +3 all stat - assuming I never use return scrolls for best outcome.

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    With my luck you'd get more out of the 3 all stat scrolls for sure. I usually gain 1 stat and 1 w.att per scroll, or they just fail for me. if MEE ever appear in GMS I dont think it would even matter if you scroll them with chaos or not, you'd most likely inno them and spam MEE instead to rescroll in the future. Since MEE can be used when the item still have slots and its always fixed bonus stat. This will ALWAYS give you more stat than a normal chaos scroll, meaning the investment on those would be far greater than what you're planing to do now.

    1.5*(4*(STR+LUK+DEX))*ATT/100 Xenon's formula

    Im not that good at calcing these things, but you can run some tests with this formula if you want. You might find the difference you're looking for, and note that the results you will get will be attack range before total damage and what not. But like I said before, it doesnt matter to me, personally I'd go for 3 all stat, since my luck sucks with goodness.



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