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    1st Question. For stalkers who stalk people in game, isn't the farm name thing that shows up when you click a person's character sketchy? Say they want to hide from someone on another character, but train in same area as everyone else. If they know the name of your mains farm they can easily know it's you if its under same account. Just saying. lol no privacy!

    2nd question. The 30 day ring event or whatever it's called.. If you missed 1 day, does that mean you can't get the final upgraded ring? ty!

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    I suppose you could be right about the first thing.

    2nd question: it's ok if you missed one day, you have an extra day each "phase". there are 12 days in a phase but you only need to do 11. the 12th one is for those who have missed a day.

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    If all you care about is the final ring, you can miss up to 5 days.
    You only need 31 stamps out of 36 to get that one. Doesn't matter if any of your three separate rings are not perfected.

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    Oh really? Great!! I was worried I wasn't going to get it if I missed a day, thanks so much for answering my question guys :) take care!



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