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Thread: Dragonoir Mount

  1. Default Dragonoir Mount

    Can you still get it?
    Only from Inkwell?
    60 coins, right? How many days do we have left?
    What are the current ways to get 8th anniversary coins?

    I kinda missed on the anniversary, but dat mount, I'd like it on my Bishop.

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    Default Re: Dragonoir Mount

    you can still get it (not sure if added to the unleashed shop too) only way to get coins now is those boxes in town, or buying leafs.

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    They removed it on the june 19th patch or whenever that patch was, but recently came back in Xenon patch, so I got to get one for myself also. ^o^

    Happy cause as a Bucc, a glide mount is pretty sweet.

  4. Default Re: Dragonoir Mount

    Thanks for the replies!
    Slowly but steadily farming boxes now, 15 coins out of 60 :x



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