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    So, I -never- leveled honor in Aswan using the old system...

    We got the new system now, where monsters drop medals, you use the medals and level up.

    Seeing I already have the 3 lines of inner potential, which you seem to get just for being high leveled, I'm using the medals my pet loots, and see my Honor level up.

    What's the exact point of leveling up Honor? Also, I've been getting some circulators as I level. Should I use them now, or wait for a higher level of Honor?

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    Levelling is just for Circulators now, and you can use them whenever as Honour level doesn't affect what you get.

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    So what's the max level, 99? Once you cap the level and stop getting Circulators, how do you get them? Aswan? CS?

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    The cap should be 100 (Don't know if it is, I'm only at level 69) and yeah, you'd probably get them through Aswan then or the CS.

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    The new system pisses me off. It is worse when it comes to rewards, and the levels does not even make any sense. The old one was much better, and could have been modified to be an equal cash cow.

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    The current system punish people who did azwan before and got S rank lines, it's harder for you to get free circs from those medals if you have high level honor and even a single S rank line puts you in legendary rank which means you can't use the ingame circs.

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    i am still not sure it punishes everyone, for example i have 2 S rank lines from before, i still have no clue if achieving this is possible with the new system. or how expensive it might be. if you had S lines before too, chances are that you wanted what was in them.

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    I thought so too. But apparently Nexon now changed the Merchant at Azwan (in the Xenon patch) and he now sells Ability Circs for (very little) normal Azwan coins. You should be able to buy TONS of circs if you did Azwan before.



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