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Thread: [Chaos] sold lol

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    I'm on mules a lot of the time so it's probably best to leave a message here, or leave msg + pm if you want to keep the offer hidden.

    Not taking any offers less than 10B, and I don't take USD.

    edit: I have two offers of 10b and 220k right now, a/w is 15b/250k.

    ok it's sold now
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  2. Default Re: S>Fafnir Thief Whip

    so xenon is a mainly theif class? you cant use pirate top/bot/hat to complete that set of equip?

  3. Default Re: S>Fafnir Thief Whip

    No, there is a thief set specific whip, and a pirate set specific whip.

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    Updated. And yeah like Justin said, there's different weapons for different sets.



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