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  1. Neon Atom Gay Male
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    Basic2 3x EXP Coupons and 2x Events

    Do these stack with the new EXP system?

    I remember that 3x exp coupons (from marvel) and 2x events did not work together previously (I never tried it personally, so correct me if I'm wrong). Do they work now? Has anyone tested this?


  2. Default Re: 3x EXP Coupons and 2x Events

    Anyone test this?
    I would have if I had the chance ;~;

  3. Can of Soup Straight Male
    IGN: chicoran
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    Default Re: 3x EXP Coupons and 2x Events

    My 1.5 Exp coupon from ToT stacked with 2x from event, it didn't pre unleashed.

  4. Default Re: 3x EXP Coupons and 2x Events

    Someone in GAZED used a triple smega ranting that his 3x card was wasted because it didn't stack with the 2x event, so I guess that's confirmation enough to not bother wasting them. I only had 1 and I used it at HoH ;_;

  5. Default Re: 3x EXP Coupons and 2x Events

    Totally untrue. I used this combo extensively with Hayato and Kanna when they were released. The problem you probably have is that the 1.5x card from Tot doesn't actually activate when you get it (even though the timer on it has started). If you relog, or you go to the cash shop and back, it will activate properly.

    And for heaven's sake, ToT = Temple of Time. Tot is the tutorial god.



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