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Thread: [Yellonde] S>/T Empress Cane +8

  1. Basic0 S>/T Empress Cane +8

    Looking for 3b or 50k nx or some Raven Horn Whip with unique pot or +4.
    BL me in game: Jordvn/ 4playy/ Ezmails or comment or add me on skype: Alightnovel
    STR + 28
    DEX +47
    INT +26
    LUK +63
    Wep ATT +174
    ACC +203
    Battle mode att: 5
    Number of upgrades available 0
    Number of hammers 2

    3L Epic pot
    Critical rate +8%
    DEX 3%
    INT +12

  2. Default Re: S>/T Empress Cane +8

    You said cane in your forum name yet you say whip in your post. I'm not in your world but I'd like to point that out.

  3. Default Re: S>/T Empress Cane +8

    I'm pretty sure he's selling a cane, but is also willing to trade it for a beam whip.

    I have to admit I'm somewhat interested, but I don't know if I'm willing to drop 3b right now.

  4. Default Re: S>/T Empress Cane +8

    Yes I am selling a Cane and I am willing to trade FOR a whip.
    Price is dropped to 2.5b I just want it gone now, not sure if im going to main my Xenon but definitely not my phantom for a while.

  5. Default Re: S>/T Empress Cane +8

    NOT taking whip trades. Selling for 2b its really cheap !! I need money to start a marksman help me out people !!



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