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    Default RED TV Commercial

    Just something taken from Spadow's Tumblr blog. I hope this is not posted yet?

    And lol at the comment in Youtube:
    "jesus, is this a maplestory commercial, or a tampon commercial?"

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    Default Re: RED TV Commercial

    Tampon Story :RED. Lol. Those Crazy koreans and their commercials.

  3. Default Re: RED TV Commercial

    Oh my god you reminded me of that tampon-eating peach.

    OT: Should've used a red tint in the film to make it even more RED. I wonder how red the site is.

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    Default Re: RED TV Commercial

    I thought of nickelodeon for a second.

  5. Default Re: RED TV Commercial

    For me the only thing out of place in the commercial is the hot chick at the end. Its like, whats the point of her being there? Trying to say hot chicks play maplestory? Playing Maplestory makes you cool and attractive? LOL NOPE

  6. Default Re: RED TV Commercial

    in korea its all about the looks and physical appeal. that is seriously how they sell food too.
    Nexon even hired Girls' Generation to endorse maplestory back in '09 for the cygnus knights.

  7. Default Re: RED TV Commercial

    Girl's generation is an exception, you can see it more as them using a popular band to lure into the game all those that pay attention to them (though they might be popular because they are hot). In this case its more like "let's put a hot girl in the end and let her act sexy so people think maplestory is sexy too". LOL NOPE.

  8. Default Re: RED TV Commercial

    PS. SNSD promoted maplestory back in 2008, not 2009... the year they got black-oceaned(alot of people didnt like them) and a year before Gee catapult them into their current status. Im pretty sure Nexon hired them because of their physical appeal.



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