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  1. Default Empress still heals (?)

    So it's very nice of nexon to acknowledge and fix the empress sending people out issue. I attempted empress today to see if they did indeed fix this problem since they fixed normal zakum. I was about to kill her since apparently she isn't supposed to heal anymore, and can see for yourself in the video. I suppose it may be one of the "manual heals" but they were definitely out of the manual heal general range of proc and the exact health that empress healed normally through automatic means. If it is a manual heal, 30b+ hp (the numbers are wrong) of a heal is way too insane.


    People from other versions who seem to have gotten this form of empress might be able to shed some light on this..I forget which localisation it was, might have been msea? where empress is doable and has the same amount of HP as the GMS one, if this is how empress is supposed to function or not

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    i believe you must kill her V2 inorder to kill her?

    I kill empress with my teammate last patch and this patch they added heal or bug more?

    we kill her with bind ... and she didn't summon v2 in last patch weird idk what going on ... but empress has ton of bug too

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    ours is like pre-unleashed except that her HP was changed. nothing else about her seems to be too different to be honest

    in mapleSEA she behaves like unlimited except her HP is the same as ours, 63 billion
    she does not heal THAT much HP in one sitting. there is also no shinsoo around so this is clearly a bug on their part..

    for reference unlimited cygnus acts like this:
    delayed OHKO genesis
    remains active after summoning any instructors
    cannot be killed unless V2 is down (MSEA however does not have this lol)
    shinsoo has a summoning cooldown

    we have none of those ^. i have no idea if scrubby garden works properly (can't exit unless everything is gone) because of trollmode banish bug.

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    I killed her v2s. They spawned

    @Pink Bean; Awesome info. Very appreciated.

    As for our scrubby garden in GMS the banish was eliminated (I got sent in while doing this) you have to kill all the mobs in scrubby garden to be permitted to get back in to the fight now.

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    Note how she heals 840mil... it looks like it hits her a good 40 times at once, which is pineappleing ridiculous. I'm assuming she's just healing a preset percentage of her total health... and it heals her x amount of times accordingly to bring her up to that percentage.

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    Yeah. 840m is the normal number pre-unleashed, but I guess the way the heal mechanism was designed was to heal her "x%" and x% is what 840m equaled so the number popped up accordingly. So it pops up as 840m and heals "x%" still.

    ...or the display heal amount is bugged..

    actually scratch that the entire system is bugged!

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    That's a manual heal. Auto shows 750M and manual shows 840M. Whoever was in charge of the changes probably just removed the auto heal and wasn't aware that there's also a manual heal.

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    Are we sure manual heals don't occur in the other versions though? This is quite troublesome

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    In all the KMS vids I looked at she doesn't heal, but they take her out immediately after V2s were downed if that makes a difference.

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    I'm going with bug, to be honest. As Pink Bean mentioned above there shouldn't be heals coming from anywhere but Shinsoo and definitely nothing this ridiculous either.

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    they take her out because she is now able to be. with V2s around/unsummoned she won't die (by healing herself, i don't know, but KMS players avoid hitting her at that point and focus on V2 as much as possible)
    shinsoo is the only problem if they don't take her out; it's one hell of a mess + pomegranateton of spawning

    these "manual heals" should not be giving her over 30 billion HP at once.

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    Default Re: Empress still heals (?)

    Ew. A few friends and i were going to test this tomorrow but i guess we don't need to anymore. Quick question, did v2 drop anything and does it just spawn randomly or at a specific %HP? (Like emp's old 50% hp needed)

    Not really sure if its worth our time =/

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    The required v2 hp seems to be below 20% HP now. I went on two runs and yeah it didn't spawn until around that point. It could just be a massive delay, but she rapidly spawns v1s after around 70% now, which would imply my theory of around 20% would be correct


    There's also a limit of 2 times a week hahahahahahaha this game

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    We have this actually, but it only works if she spawns V2 before we kill her.
    It's either
    1. Kill her before she spawns V2
    2. Clear V2 and kill her if we can't kill her before she spawns V2

    edit : 2 tries per week is part of unlimited too, and it counts when you kill Cygnus herself or V2s

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    Default Re: Empress still heals (?)

    The ending to the video was GOAT man.

    On another note, maybe Nexon wants us to party up against Empress? Hmm...

    R>30 Man empress need pig mules and bishops for res.

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    Well, you can only have a max of 6 people in there at a time now hahaha there's no more expedition

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    Default Re: Empress still heals (?)

    Nexon did this cause you and others wanna cap range pre-unleashed. Th-thanks guys.




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