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    Since Xenon revolves around the 3 stats, is there any point in focusing on only one stat when it comes to % equips?
    I get that LUK will give you extra avoid and DEX will give you extra accuracy or whatever but when it comes to damage does it really matter if you have 18% LUK in comparison to something like 3% LUK and 15% STR assuming all of the stats are equal?

    EDIT: Thanks for the replies, guys, got what I needed to know.
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    Even if all your AP are equal, the stats you get from equips won't necessarily be equal. If you use all Thief Empress your dex and luk will be higher than your str, since Thief Empress doesn't increase str.

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    honestly I'd just use whichever I had the equips for. Since I'm a buccaneer, Ima just going to use a bunch of my old pirate gear on Xenon to train him. So I have a bunch of +str gear. And if I remember correctly, the amount of str. dex, luk for xenon all account the same in the damage formula, so it wont matter too much considering the AP distribution. As long as you have enough for the multilateral skills (the base AP{ skill) then you;re good.

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    multi lateral only counts your base stats. so your stat build should be this.

    pump whatever stat you have the most percent in first, then once you hit the break, being one of the points multi laterals bonus kicks in, pump the next highest stat and then the last one.

    in my case it's strength then dexterity then luck.

    you need 330 in each base stat by 200 or you're ruining your character because you lose out on the total damage bonuses.



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