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Thread: [In Progress] Absolute Ring Event

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    A word of advice: just avoid FM completely. If you are bored, just afk in town. I have dc'ed 3 times now because of crashers in the FM.

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    Gotta upgrade the ring at least 31 times. Have 36 days to do it. I'm on vacation for 8 of those days. DAAAAAMN

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    Wow, I thought the "Chair" in the Event Tab was just a placeholder. That's actually the chair...

  5. Default Re: Absolute Ring Event

    I think I'll do this just for the chair.
    I alrdy got the Tempest + Unleashed + Pinnacle + Alien Frag (for 50 att set effect) ring combo going on

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    We heard you like rings, so we put rings in your rings so you can have rings while you ring.

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    Default Re: Absolute Ring Event

    This event is going to get insanely messy next time there is a maintenance. We already had enough trouble with the attendance event going on before, now there are 2 completely different ones at once. I feel sorry for Girasol :(

    I honestly think that an hour is kinda much considering how unstable the server and client can be. Half an hour would have been more reasonable and allowed for more slip-ups.

    Wear your ring medal and ring shoulder while sitting on your ring chair while you combine your ring, ring and ring to make a ring.

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    Not even gonna try since I have a flight around the end of August and there'll at least two maintenance SCs within the month.

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    Not to mention we have Demon Avenger releasing in that time window. That's definitely a patch day.,

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    There's a very good chance that I'll get a job soon so I might end up just giving up halfway through this event. My friend is experiencing internet issues and will miss out on today and tomorrow, so he's already screwed.

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    Ring just stopped being a word to me now.

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    I set up my computers this morning for remote access so I could do my hours while at work. My boss walked in while I had it up he let me off with a warning though. I'll just have to make sure there's not a next time.

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    I for sure don't have the effort to work on more than 1 Absolute Ring.

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    I like how the generic ring has 11 slots lol, I wonder if not getting the last upgrade is even worth it since it loses all it's slots... If the second last ring lets you have potential then maybe its better to just not fully upgrade it.

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    Looks doable, my concern is they aren't telling us what stats the regular 3 rings will give. Assuming we get to keep them as well, that is.

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    Only doing it on 2 characters since I'm also doing the attendance event on both of them to farm coins so an extra 30min on each character isn't bad. Also, I'm only aiming for the chair because I have a feeling I'm not going to have internet for about a week in August.

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    this seems like a huge waste of time, but then again i can get rid of one of my old evolving rings. Is it bad that I want to replace the old evolving ring solely because of the speed boost? Being a buccaneer sucks for mobility and walking faster is always a plus C:

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    i'm making two, one for my main, and another just so i can have 4 evo rings on newly made mules.

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    As a Dark Knight I am looking forward to the jump bonus as I have been capped at 140 speed for eons.

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    I am thinking I am gonna do this too.

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    I'm really lucky with the dates. I leave for camping on August 20th.

    30 minutes and 10 days out of 12 instead of 1 hour and 11 days out of 12 would make me happy.



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