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Thread: [GMS] GMS v138 - Xenon

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    Happens to me too, no problem on my Marksman though, so maybe its a warrior only thing.

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    No, but they will not give out 160 weapons from such lackluster crap areas either. Besides, Twisted Aqua is not exclusive GMS content, it came from CMS or TMS.

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    Not just you. All adventurer warriors are now doing their ancient Final Attack animations.

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    How the hell does these kinds of bugs even happen?

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    Minor issue, but my Decent Sharp eyes isn't making any sound effect.

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    My xenon has double pendant slot apparently. No clue if it works, but should it even be there?

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    Every character has the slot there since the UI update, it just can't be used unless you buy a coupon.

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    Unless you have +1 speed inner pot/Decent SI, you still experience a difference in attack speed from normal 6 to fast 5 as an aran :o

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    Aran's booster is -3 speed, and the second job mastery is -1 speed, which brings you from Normal(6) to Faster(2), the speed cap.

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    The Weapons might not be the greatest but being able to trade is plus and finally starting to see higher level gear in general is nice such as the alien stuff etc.

    Edit - Well looking at the bug list seems that the weapons might not be so bad after all. Whenever they get fixed.



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