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Thread: [GMS] GMS v138 - Xenon

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    Default Re: GMS v138 - Xenon

    guess we'll have to see on their price, if people start selling them at fafnir prices then i'll agree it's not really worth it unless you main several/simply prefer tradeable gear.

    and i know two people with several 160+ warriors.

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    well, i train mutliple chars too :s But idk about that weapon attack speed, i might opt for the Knuckle/Pole arm cause, i plan on training my bucc/tb moar, as well as an Aran/Drk for red revamp!. Hopefully the prices arent too steep cause of the whole Marvel stoof

    and i have, about, 3 170+ warriors,2 200's, and soon to be DW for the 6th @ShinkuDragon

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    Am I one of those two people? :>

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    info/tuc doesn't exist
    0 slots means info/tuc has a value of 0.

    I think neither of them can have potential despite that being the purpose of being differentiated.

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    @iAmFear; Wait, does the heart only work for the Beryl Android? It'd be useless for me if I can't use the heart on a future character that won't have the Android.

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    Wait a sec...


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    The day when Archers and Theives walk around with a Polearm will be a glorious day indeed.

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    I'm like 99% sure you can equip it on all androids that are Deluxe or better (Princess, Fantastic, Summer, etc). From what I theorize, and from what I'm seeing on some Korean forums, as long as the Android's grade is higher than the Heart's grade, you'll be able to equip the heart in conjunction with the android. The Beryl Heart is grade 5, and Deluxe Androids are grade 8.

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    Its like nexon letting bowman and thiefs go all warrior on monsters asses, well considering my mm has 18.1k hp without links, id say he is an honorary warrior

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    Only 18.1k? Naw, not an honorary warrior, you get to be an honorary Bucc.

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    hmm, no im not okay with this, MUST GET MOAR HP, tbh, i dont know how much hp he has with link skills, and atm im working at getting the alien set, so far 2/3 items i need x0x. So how much hp would i get with +35% hp and 1000 hp/mp moar. I will find out one of these days soon enough

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    the surfboards were all class polearms =P

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    You win so hard right now. :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

    As for the terminus weapons, I REALLY hope there's a future GMS exclusive nlc content that not necessarily gives these but maybe goes in league with them? Idk maybe giving them would be better. These weapons just look so freaking amazing to not have some sorta story behind em. Idc if the cannon is slower, that just means it will be dirt cheap for me. THE CANNON LOOKS SO DAMN GLAM I SWEAR. I can't wait to see the desperado.

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    Bah! A surfboard is not an actual polearm! I mean like a stick with a massive blade on the end polearm!

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    That decrease in WA on all Xenon weapons... whether it was intentional or to realign numbers to KMS, it's telling me that I need to get the DRPQ weapon and Tablet it. The power of maxed crit damage and +WA/ALL scrolls.

    Oh, it's free... well... nearly. I can go to Evolving World and get the relevant cores, and they'll drop like no tomorrow, with mods.


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    Default Re: GMS v138 - Xenon

    Well, I suppose it's good to have the option. Different strokes for different folks and all that.
    Still would be nicer if these weapons just had the usual speeds of their types.

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    You know what... I'm gonna call it right now.

    inb4 terminus item can be crafted/upgraded into their true form.

    These things look WAY too good to be this bad (for the most part).

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    erm platinum cubes = enlighten?

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