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  1. Cash3 Steam: Indie Game Rogue Legacy.

    Don't read any further unless you love:

    - 2D Games.
    - Rogue-like games.
    - Very hard gameplay.
    - Tons of upgrades.
    - Awesome gameplay.
    - Random generated maps/mobs AND characters you play with.

    You do love these things? then keep reading.

    I'm making this thread because I think this game deserves some attention.
    I have to say this game is extremely hard and extremely fun.
    Not many games are really that challenging to me honestly but this really caught my attention.

    It was well worth my money and i'm still playing. (I'm going right back to playing it after I posted this).



    Do you have this game? Talk about it below!

  2. Default Re: Steam: Indie Game Rogue Legacy.

    I love roguelikes!

    Just had a look at this and it looks AMAZING.

    *Runs off to buy it*

  3. Default Re: Steam: Indie Game Rogue Legacy.

    You should totally try The Binding of Isaac.

    It's a completely different twist though. A bit of Zelda over here, a bit of bullet hell over there, randomized everything with endless combinations... And a VERY dark humor/feel. It's fantastic.

    EDIT: hah, nevermind, I saw your profile. You already played a fair ammount of time. I recommend it to everyone else though.

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    I was behind this game since it had a Kickstarter campaign and when it was also going through greenlight. It looked like it had amazing potential. So colour me extremely ecstatic when I got up one day and saw it just magically popped up for sale on Steam, fully released and everything. I instantly bought it and haven't regretted it. It's sooooo good. I love rogue-likes. I played the HELL out of Binding of Isaac (over 250 hours total) and I'm sure Rogue Legacy will end up the same way. I just hope they continue to update the game, because with updates, even small ones (add some new armor here, some new runes there, a new area and boss, etc.) the game would become another instant classic for me, like BoI did.

    Currently have 27 hours logged on the game and am only missing 2 of the achievements.

  5. Default Re: Steam: Indie Game Rogue Legacy.

    Yes! Binding of Isaac is great haha. I got it when I saw it was by the same people as Super Meat Boy. I've died too many times to count. xD

    On the topic at hand though, I'll be trying it in a few hours. Don't know how I missed a release like this.

  6. Default Re: Steam: Indie Game Rogue Legacy.

    The game literally counts how many times you died vs how many times you suceeded. I've died far more often, yes.

  7. Default Re: Steam: Indie Game Rogue Legacy.

    I mentioned playing the demo about a week ago in the "What are you playing?" thread. It's very fun, but has a few issues with grindiness towards the end. It's the kind of game that lends itself to modding very well, so I hope that becomes a possibility.

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    Been playing Rogue Legacy since release.

    If you want a good description of it: Think Metroidvania if it were a Rogue-like with the ability to keep buffs and equipment between runs.

    Also dat final boss. Hit it today, was a crazy twist on the pretty small but interesting story.

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    Man, i'm on my third run right now and I can barely get past a few rooms.
    You know all those special versions of all the enemies out there? Yeah, now imagine all the regular mobs being replaced with those.
    I wonder if I can even finish it again for the third time.

    First run: Really hard.
    Second run: Really easy.
    Third run: Extremely hard.

    Freaking fun though!
    Also, the dragon class is funny to play with.

    EDIT: My progress at the moment.
    Don't look at this unless you want spoilers I guess.

    Character card:

    Skill tree:

    Enemies everywhere:

    Damage with crits:

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    Apparently it infinitely gets harder the more you win. Some random Steam Community forum posts mention going past NG++.

    How do you do runs when you die (prior to being stuck in the first area on run three, of course)?
    Personally, this is my preference:
    Run through every area that's been completed. So if I'm at the forest, every time I die I start with a new castle and re-do the first area again. I attempt to complete the entire area I'm at, and if I do complete the entire area, I try the boss. If I die at the boss, I save the map and just keep retrying the boss until I win, then start the next area. If I do not complete the area I'm currently at, when I die I start over the entire castle and repeat the process.

    It makes runs take a little bit, but I get a ton of money each run, which is far more important than levels.

    Honestly, do levels anything outside of the HP/MP cap for Liches? I can't find any purpose to levels outside of that. It doesn't change my HP or MP Max noticeably. It doesn't change my stats, nothing changes at all.

  11. Default Re: Steam: Indie Game Rogue Legacy.

    My favourite class is the Assassin. The insanely hit critical hit chance and damage make speeding through rooms a breeze, and he has a decent amount of HP and MP, too.

    I still have a few pieces of armor left to find, I just wish I knew which area they are located in.

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    I've never ever did a lockdown on the castle.
    I edited my previous post with updates from my current run.
    (I started playing 2 days ago)

    Anyway, I always start from scratch no matter what happens.
    I run to the boss I want to do and after that go through the entire area and everything lower before that.
    Then try to do everything before the next boss and after that try the boss itself. Dead or not i'll have a lot of money.

    Also, I hate the miner class and archmage even more.
    Dragon class is fun but weak and the lich, I don't care much for it.
    I can't tell you anything about the Lich since I never play them.

    I ALWAYS choose in this order:

    1: Barbarian pref large with chakram.
    2: Spellthief pref large with chakram.
    3: Assasin pref large with chakram.
    4: Paladin pref large with chakram.

    If it's a miner/lich/dragon/shinobi/archmage I won't ever pick it.
    The shuffle skill is awesome... luckely it saved me many many times of having to play with a crappy class.

    You have a few pieces of armor left? You can't find certain armor unless you're in the second and third run.
    You can only find up till I think dragon slayer armor in the first run. Slayer in the second and dark in the third?

    Also, your HP and MP won't be enough anymore soon after you play on NG+ and especially on NG++ like me.
    You'll be forced to play Paladin or Barbarian.

    And if anyone needs tips or has questions about certain items, feel free to ask.

  13. Default Re: Steam: Indie Game Rogue Legacy.

    Lich with Ravens and Spellsword with Dagger/Chakram are ridiculous. I'm not a fan of the Paladin, I always seem to block too late :(

  14. Default Re: Steam: Indie Game Rogue Legacy.

    As usual, gonna wait for a sale before I pick it up. Been trying to clear out my backlog lately. Games looks awesome though.

  15. Default Re: Steam: Indie Game Rogue Legacy.

    I personally prefer the flame aura on a Spellsword, the upgraded version of that is insanely broken and does so much damage. It eats MP, but as a Spell Sword you can easily keep your MP up to use it in any situation with a lot of enemies and tear them up.

    As for the Lich...I don't use it as much as I used to, but it can get a decent HP pool provided you can survive long enough to get it. I don't really care for it, I prefer Spellsword > Paladin > Barbarian myself. Assassin is okay, it has great damage output but the HP is bleh, and Miner and Archmage both suck. Shinobi I'm 50/50 on.

    I'm on the final boss right now, I haven't beaten the first run yet. I got killed by him and didn't feel like trying again right away.

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    akaMikeB did an "Indie for Breakfast" video on this game if people want to see some gameplay and whatnot.

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    So I'm still having trouble finding certain armors/weapons in the game, so I decided to read around the game's forums and from what I've gathered... if your level gets too much higher than the monster's levels in the current game you are playing in each area, loot chests just become chests with the minor stat upgrades and gold/diamonds/bags, rather than giving you armor/weapon blueprints. Such BS.

    I've read that you can equip those runes that make the enemies levels higher to make the loot appear again, so I guess I'm gonna go try that and see if it works. Hopefully it won't become too difficult for me to even get through areas to find these blueprints...

  18. Default Re: Steam: Indie Game Rogue Legacy.

    I dunno if that's accurate, but the fairy chests always give blueprints.

  19. Default Re: Steam: Indie Game Rogue Legacy.


    Fairy Chests always give Runes. Once you've unlocked every Rune in the game they give free stat boosts. They never give blueprints. Unless you meant Rune Blueprints, at which point I apologize.

  20. Default Re: Steam: Indie Game Rogue Legacy.

    I kind of associated equipment blueprints and runes as being the same category of things.



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