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    Trying to squeeze this in before KMS 1.2.196. I say that, but I only started working on this in the afternoon today (I rewrote everything, including all the skill descriptions and readouts). Anyway, this is my fantasy Dark Knight changes (although it's not what I would have really wanted). Like I said, I only started this afternoon, so I actually went with it along the way. I do have several skills that I had no idea to do with (Gungnir's Descent and some Beholder skills), so forgive me for their crappiness. I decided to present it in Ultimate Skill Tables format since I changed basically every skill minus two or three.

    Please enjoy.

    Dark Knight

    Changes from "Old 2"
    Old 2

    Changes from "Old 1"
    Old 1
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    I really dig the fact that your Berserker skills make us seem like actual Berserkers.

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    Why remove the increase MP on hyper body? Mages would be sad about this.

  4. Default Re: Dark Knight Skill Changes

    as a mage, 30,000 mp is enough

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    Personally, as a Dark Knight, I love having extra MP. I for one think hyper body should be a 100% boost to both HP and MP and the hyper for HB should double it to 200%.

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    I like the direction your taking Drks, just like to add a couple things that need fine tuning. With all the -% damage ignore you have from all the skills, your up to about 90% touch damage reduction o....o and 40% damage reduction from magic attacks.(reason i point this out, is because 50% touch damage reduction+ 40% Damage reduction would stack with current maple physics, you would have to change the entire damage reduction formula for it not to stack, seperating it into Touch damage reduction/ And magical Damage reduction, instead of it being 1 kind, and in the proccess by doing so, you would screw paladins over)

    And if everyone would have the same swordsman skills, this would put paladins at over 100% touch damage reduction(lol, i would personally love this, but we all know this is broken, just stand on the body of boss and never take damage), and heroes at 70% o....o Hex of the beholder is just too strong imo. On chars with 100% critical(like marksman,hayato,bishops, phantoms,Drks), 30% critical damage boost(THIS IS MORE THAN SE) Is pretty much giving them a 30% damage boost, and on top of they also get a 30% damage boost as well from this ._.

    You have to specify which kind of critical damage, min/max as well. Id say for such a powerful buff not having CD is kinda ridiculous. Something along the lines of in for 60-120 seconds buff timex-then having cd of 180-240 seconds. So you only have it activate half the time :X and i think it would run more well with its getting down to the final moments, i need to go more berserkish theme. Cause having it on at all time is like :S

    I do like what u did with Beholder in 4th job, and having it auto scream every 10 seconds is an awesome idea. Im going to assume u removed Dark Impale because i dont see it here. So what is your 4th job mobbing move if you have one? Is it the 3rd job ascalon typhoon? Then i think it might need a buff up of some kind once you reach 4th job so you can keep up heroes/pallies mobbing capabilities. Would like to see your idea on Hyper skills(on a side note, put back the %mp on hyper body, you would be making mages sad :C) And would like to see what you would do with changes to the 150 hyper skill and Potato.
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  7. Default Re: Dark Knight Skill Changes

    At first I thought that Berserkers overlapped with Heroes, but then I realised that rage =/= insanity!

    Because this job branch suddenly became extremely HP based thanks to Crossover Chain becoming the specialised skill. Mages should feel good though, since it is now established that MP is 50% more valuable than HP!

    By touch damage, I mean the only thing Snails can do and the thing that Magnus cannot do. I think you're interpreting it as physical damage reduction.

    Hex is too strong for a party skill, yeah.

    If I don't specify whether it's minimum or maximum, it's both. I want it to always be active, so I'll just tone the effects down a bit. The only reason why I find it too powerful of a party skill is because of its superiority to Sharp Eyes. I don't want another "half of the time" skill since we already have Sacrifice.

    Yup, the mobbing skill will stay as Ascalonís Typhoon. It has Shock, Hex, and Sacrifice to keep it powerful enough. Also, Blade Frenzy, but you shouldn't use that during bossing because of Gungnirís Descent. Dark Thirst's worth just jumped up a lot because of Sacrifice and Crossover Chain. Potato can go bury itself beneath the ground and make an Explosion when it comes in contact with zombies.

  8. Default Re: Dark Knight Skill Changes

    I think of touch damage, as the damage you take when you touch a mob(not the mob attacking, but when you touch it), Like TP golems, they usually do like 10k touch damage to non tanks so i heard(i wouldnt know as i hardly get hit on my paladin, and that i take like less than 1k damage...) Because if were talking about That kind of touch damage, then it would stack?. Some eleboration would be needed please.

    Yes hex is too strong, tone it down ._. and i think it would be best for it to give you % max crit, cause at this point, with all the min crit ur already at 150%min/150% max, so to get around this just give maximum crit. Cause if you increase both, youll end up at the same % again.

    But what i meant about seeing what you do with potato, i mean you can totally redesign it so it works better in commute with drk skills xD



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