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  1. Default Chair/Title Bags.

    I am wondering if you can have more than one as long as it holds a different amount.

    Like 4/10/12. Anyone know?

  2. Default Re: Chair/Title Bags.

    Can't open another one if you already have a chair/title bag that is open, even if it's a different capacity.

    Sorry, I tried both of them too.

  3. Default Re: Chair/Title Bags.

    Confirming what Jedward said as true. Only one of each, no matter how much each holds.

  4. Default Re: Chair/Title Bags.

    All these rules and limitations are getting ridiculous.

    We should just get a tab for chairs, a tab for titles, a tab for profession items, make medals equippable from the medal UI, and change all other setup items into etc.

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    Default Re: Chair/Title Bags.

    similar thoughts, but i think there needs to be a ui similar to mount UI applied for medals(like you said, equip through medal ui that already exists) and titles(none of the titles are tradable anyways, there basically isnt a reason to actually NOT make it an UI compared to like, chairs)



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